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  1. Promotional Items - Long Term marketing

    Promotional items are the most effective long term marketing tool available. If you are intending your event or your business to be on-going long into the future then you should definitely investing into promotional items.

    Long after a marketing campaign is done and dusted or when your fund raising event has past it is only a physical product that will remain. So make that product a useful and good looking item and you can guarantee yourself years of brand marketing exposure long after the event. How can I be so sure? Well I am 33 years of age and believe it or not I have a few products that I have kept for well over 20 years which had brand names of other companies emblazoned on it. (ie. a promotional product). The types of items I have kept include 3 different custom

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  2. Why Measuring ROI On Promotional Items & Marketing in General is Hard

    The hardest thing when embarking on any marketing campaign is knowing that your dollars are effectively spent. This includes everything from advertising on T.V, on the Radio, in the newspaper and of course when handing out corporate gifts and promotional items. To use a technical term Return on Investment or (ROI) for short is extremely hard to guage. For example how can you adequetely attribute to your 10% increase in sales as directly caused by an advertising campaign that you ran for 2 months in a magazine? Or conversely what if that campaign coincided with a 10% decline in sales? Was it because the advertisement turned customers off your product or did the advertising campaign actually help minimize what otherwise would have been a 20% decline?

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  3. How To Make Your Own Promotional Products (Kids Activity)

    A promotional product is simply an item that has your event or your corporate name on it! This product that has your name is typically given away or sold to the recipient. It's an easy way to effectively market and promote your brand name or simply give your brand a bit more prestige. There are all sorts of options available for you including cheap options and more expensive alternatives.

    This article is more for a little fun especially for kids who may want to consider creating some promotional merchandise on the fly (and perhaps learn a bit about marketing along the way) to create promotional products for themselves or perhaps for their mini business venture!

    1. Promotional products increase brand exposure.
    2. Branded merchandise promotes teamwork and ownership.
    3. Personalisation and quality create goodwill.


    DIY Kids' Promotional Crafts

    Firstly a product to brand your logo. Some

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  4. Promotional Playing Cards

    Promotional Playing Cards

    There is something mystical I find about playing cards. A deck of playing cards is special because it is so very unique. If you think about it a deck of cards can fit a shirt pocket yet the graphics on a deck of cards are so very special and so very recognisable. These simple cards have influenced movies, and comics not to mention their close association with gambling too! A deck of playing cards is simply special. This also explains why our range of promotional playing cards is such a unique promotional merchandise product. We simply do not have any other product that is as mystical as a deck of playing cards.

    Who Invented Playing Cards?

    From my research seemingly no one really knows however many think that it was heavily influenced by China due to the fact that they were the inventors of paper. However, the deck of cards as we know it today is widely thought to have been brought to the west approximately in the year 1370. The humble

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  5. Apple iPhone Promotional Products

    The popularity of iPhones today essentially means that they are literally an entire demographic to themselves. Either you have an iPhone or you don't. Admittedly Android devices are hugely popular too but realistically (for the time being at least) iPhone is king. With the current new iPhone 5 which you may have heard about it brings about new challenges and opportunities when it comes to promotional products branded with your logo or event details.


    1. Order fewer but compatible products.
    2. Top iPhone accessories for branding.
    3. Creative ways to use accessories.


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  6. Bicycle promotional products

    Bicycles are ever so popular now! In fact in no point in time did I ever recall the number of bicycles on the street. Bicycle riders now come from all walks of life. Kids, teenangers, businessmen, mums, everyone in fact have really taken the popularity of bikes to new heights. It is with no surprise that bicycles are so popular. They are simply fun, not to mention healthy and a really quick way to get to point A to point B. I myself have just got a bike and started riding too :).

    With this in mind why not consider bicycle promotional products for your next event. They are obviously perfect for bike fun runs but they may also be perfect for corporate events too. Above all else the most important thing when riding a bike is safety and safety means visibility. With this in mind we have a range of products that are perfect in getting you and your bike seen on the road at all hours of the day. Some of the products we have include:

    1) Reflective Wrist Bands

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  7. Plan Ahead To Avoid Event Clashes

    Imagine a bustling street filled with people going about their day, only to find themselves bombarded with multiple events happening simultaneously. As a passerby walking up Martin Place, I found myself caught in the chaos of four different marketing and fundraising events. The organisers had made a critical error - they failed to plan ahead and prevent event clashes. In this article, we will explore the significance of planning ahead to prevent event clashes, and provide actionable tips to ensure your event stands out without causing confusion or inconvenience for your target audience and participants. By taking proactive measures, such as researching the venue and engaging in effective communication, you can ensure a successful event that captivates your audience and maximises your impact.


    1. Prevent event clashes through proactive planning.
    2. Research locations and communicate with organisers.
    3. Embrace
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  8. Custom Backpacks: Cleaning Tips

    Promotional backpacks more than any type of bag tends to be exposed to more abuse. Perhaps it is the convenience of slinging it off your shoulder and letting it drop to the floor or the fact that most styles are simply not corporate looking enough to give it more care. It could even be the fact that they generally are extremely durable hence people are more inclined to cram everything from shoes to pencils into them. Well promotional backpacks do get dirty and in this post we will give you some tips on how to clean them. Plus, discussing the benefits of personalised backpacks and how to choose the right one for your business.

    1. Custom backpacks offer lasting promotion.
    2. Quality, style, cost and function matter.
    3. Tips for cleaning promotional backpacks.

    Backpack Cleaning Tips

    Looking for tips on how to clean your backpack

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  9. Top Promotional Items for Your Sales Team

    Must-Have Promotional Items for Your Sales Team

    “A happy sales team is a productive sales team.”

    There is indeed truth to such statement as most businesses rely on the accounts or customers the members of the sales department sign up. For this reason alone, you need to boost confidence and morale among your sales employee by giving them promotional products personalised with the company name or logo.

    Although it would be tempting to simply choose popular promotional items for your sales team such as ball pens or mugs, you might want to try a more personal approach. Here are the top must-haves for your cherished sales team:

    Personalised Business Card Holder

    Nothing says professional than handing out business cards and with a personalised business card holder, any client would be impressed. Business card holders give the impression that your sales team is serious about their work in ensuring

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