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  1. Branded Products with brand Names

    Using generic products branded with your logo are a good marketing idea. We have harped about that for a while now! Something that makes generic products even more special is when they are perceived to be a higher value than what you actually paid for (something we specialize in here at Cubic Promote of course). It makes the recipient feel good about the product and in turn they will use it more and be exposed to your logo more. Products that are higher in quality or simply designed to look amazing simply give off more positive vibes about not just you but also for your whole company.

    An even better way to use branded products though is to use merchandise that are brand names which are then further enhanced marketing wise with your brand and logo. You see for a brand name to become recognisable they would have to had undergo intensive marketing or are simply synonymous with quality

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  2. 5 Things You Should Know About Reciprocity & Gifting

    Reciprocity is the act of receiving something in return for a gift that you gave out. The person receiving the original gift is compelled to act and return the favour. This term has been somewhat of a fascination for me recently. Why? Well other than the fact that at its core it is something essentially I do every single day in working with custom branded gifts. What makes reciprocity even more fascinating though is that this simple concept is at the heart of community and human nature. If you think about it a lot of what we do everyday revolves around giving and receiving. Its what we do to survive. Therefore if you are in a business having this awareness is definitely a good thing from everything you say and every piece of marketing you do. There have been countless social experiments on reciprocity and the result is always the same no matter what culture or country you are in. One of my favourites is an experiment by an Englishman who sends out 600 cards to random people in

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  3. Branding on T-shirts and Promotional Polos

    Promotional apparel lik t-shirts and Polo shirts is a hugely popular way to advertise your brand without it being too gimicky or in your face. After all we can't walk around naked on the streets or go to work with just a singlet on. We often get asked "were is the best place to brand"?


    • Promotional apparel provides a method of advertising your brand with visibility on the front, back, and sleeves of t-shirts and polos.
    • Various branding techniques, including screen printing, heat transfer, DTG printing, embroidery, and sublimation printing.
    • When choosing a branding location and technique, consider factors like design complexity, color scheme, etc.

    Front View 

    The obvious place to brand would be the front across the chest or on the right hand side depending on whether it is going

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  4. Promotional Keychain Flashlights

    Custom printed torches on the end of mini keyrings have always been one of our best selling products. Its easy to see why! Custom branded keyrings by themselves are appealing, torches by themselves are also appealing as promotional products. Combine the two together and you get a product that not only looks great but is extremely functional too.

    All our keyring lights can be branded with your logo and over the years we have now almost phased out conventional bulb lights. We still have 1 or two styles that uses conventional light bulbs but we left those in our catalogue purely as a retro novelty product. They are still effective at illuminating of course but no where near as effective as LED technology. LED lights are very effective as torches. They emit a lot more light at higher intensity yet they only consume a fraction of the amount of battery as conventional light bulbs. How they do it is essentially the

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  5. Branded Merchandise for Television Appearances

    This year more than any other that I can recall has been one that we have done a lot of products specifically for T.V shows. Our products can now be regularly seen on the desks of presenters and morning shows as well as a few reality shows this year much to our pride. Despite the fact that computers and tablet has taken up a lot of our leisure time the humble T.V is still a huge medium that has a reach of millions on any given day. If you are hosting a conference or perhaps you are a charity or a sporting organisation then chances are you will be facing a television camera. The coverage may be an impromptu interview or it may be a carefully staged television appearance. Either way branded merchandise in an age where corporate sponsorship for events that can be worth millions it makes sense to have a range of promotional products on the ready for the individual to wear to really maximise your marketing value.

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  6. Making Your Branding Cool By Using Fonts

    Watching T.V last night they were screening Resident Evil - After Life on one of the commercial channels. For those who have not heard of the movie it is about zombies, guns and monsters. As with all movies from recent memory that are in the sci-fi / horror genre it is an at times violent, brooding dark type of movie. What made this movie stand out was during ad-breaks they will cue the start and finish of the advertisments with a picture of the main character and the words Resident Evil in a hilariously dated 80's font. The cool factor of this movie was quickly erased!

    Something that graphic designers know that you may not is that Fonts can absolutely scream outloud more than any content or title you may care to think about. A bad font can break your brand name and your image very very quickly. The font you use matters for virtually every piece of communication that you may care to use.

    - Emails
    - Letterheads
    - Advertisments
    - Faxes
    - Logos

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  7. Boost Sales With Leave Behinds

    In today's competitive market, keeping your existing clients coming back is important. You need to ensure that your clients don't forget you after you leave their premises. That's where leave behinds come in. In this article, we'll explore the importance of using leave behinds to boost your sales. We'll provide you with practical examples and ideas of leave behinds that suit different industries. No matter what business you're in, if you rely on visiting customers, you need to keep reading. By the end of this article, you'll know how to turn a simple trick into a powerful tool to keep your business in mind.

    1. Boost sales with impactful leave behinds.
    2. Choose practical and memorable leave behinds.
    3. Align them with industry and brand.

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  8. Christmas Staff Gifts

    Christmas is fast approaching. For many people I have spoken to this has been a particular challenging work year. It has been a good year for some and a bad year for others, however with out a doubt it has been a year where everyone has worked harder! Ourselves included. A nice Christmas present is definitely in order I say. If not as a Christmas staff gift then a gift purely as a thank you to all the effort put in during the past year will definitely be a nice touch and importantly an easy morale booster.

    In the past we have worked on projects for year end gifts where the budget was seemingly unlimited. One of the projects we worked on included the customer including an Ipod along with a whole bag of goodies to each

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  9. Promotional Pencils

    For a lot of years the humble pencil virtually dissapeared! It was hard to find one in the office, it was hard to find one in the shops. The closest thing to pencils were seemingly mechanical pacer pencils. Wooden pencils were virtually non existent. That is until the past few years. There seems to be a huge comeback and as promotional items pencils are really hot now! Not just because of nostalgic value but because the visual and writing effects a pencil can create simply cannot be emulated by substitutes like pens and crayons.

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  10. Promotional Rulers: Effective Marketing Tool

    Promotional products play a crucial role in brand recognition and advertising. In the world of marketing, there are few items as timeless and versatile as promotional rulers. These humble yet practical tools have been used for centuries to promote brands and leave a lasting impression on recipients. Let's explore the world of promotional rulers and discover their benefits, customization options, and the industries that can benefit from their use.


    1. Promotional rulers offer long-lasting exposure.
    2. Customise rulers for unique brand representation.
    3. Various industries can benefit from promotional rulers.



    Benefits of Promotional Rulers

    Promotional rulers offer a range of benefits that make them an excellent

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