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  1. Can You See Hidden Symbols Inside These Famous Logos?

    Checking out logos is what we do all the time. Creative ones are always such a gem. The really cool ones however incorporate not only suitable colours and meaningful fonts and graphics but they can even incorporate a hidden message. Below are a few logos on some well know Australian and international brands that are fantastic because they each in their own way have either a subtle or loud hidden message inside their logo. See them below. Can you spot the hidden message in each of them?

    The Easy Messages To Spot Logos

    Sydney Swans. The Opera House is quite easily recognised inside.

    The red chip represents both a W and also 3 parked cars.

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  2. Promotional Custom Moleskine Diary Notebook

    We have an exciting announcement. For the first time ever we are now authourised re-sellers of the Moleskine brand. That is right the Moleskine brand that produces amazing iconic notebooks with their signature elastic closure.


    • Moleskine is a brand known for iconic, high-quality notebooks that have a rich history dating back to the 19th century.
    • The brand was revived in the late 1990s and has since become a symbol of creativity, quality, and simplicity.
    • Moleskine's notebooks are increasingly popular as promotional products and can be customized with a company's logo.

    Buying Promotional Notebooks

    We are updating our website at the moment with this brand new product. In the meantime if you would like to make

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  3. Show Report Sydney Event Showcase 2013

    Last week we had a show booth at the Sydney Event Showcase 2013 in Darling Harbour in Sydney Australia. It was an amazing event and we would like to thank all those people who dropped by our booth to say hello. It was a blast seeing familiar faces, familiar customers and meeting so many new people. For those who were unable to make it to the show here is a small re-cap on what happened. It was held last week between 14th and 15th August 2013.

    What Is The Sydney Event Showcase? (held with Australian Business Events Expo)

    It is a big expo held in Darling Harbour Sydney each year and it is held in conjunction with another event called the Australian Business Events Expo. It consists of vendors (us included) putting their best foot forward and showing off products and services. The types of vendors are those who provide things like:
    - Catering
    - Staging, lighting and effects
    - Event & Restaurant venues (race courses, casinos, hotels etc)
    - Event Planners

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  4. Flat packed promotional items for mailing

    A common question a few of our clients have from time to time when pondering what cool groovy merchandise to get for their organisation inevitably asks the question: "how should I distribute the products?" The easy answer of course would be at events such as:

    1) Tradeshows and conferences
    2) Client and customer encounters
    3) Staff and family
    4) As fund raising products on the day via booths
    5) Expo's
    6) Mail out campaigns

    It is the distribution method mentioned last that typically is the most tricky one for most businesses. Why? Well mail out campaigns involve a lot more effort and with the way the postal system works hree in Australia (and around the world) a small increase in package thickness increases the cost of freight significantly. In fact the difference of only half a centimeter in thickness can possibly increase your cost multiple times.
    Save Money With Flat Packed Promotional Items

    The easiest way to get around the high cost of mail out

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  5. Top Custom Branded Giveaway Gifts For a Wedding

    You may be surprised to learn that quite a few of the projects and merchandise that we supply week in and week out are actually not for corporates or marketing events at all and are actually for weddings. Now having been through a wedding (or what I would like to call, a complicated and expensive process.... pls do not tell my wife) I know that a wedding is an event in every sense of the word. More often than not it is a large event and because of that purchasing products in bulk and getting big discounts on top of that makes perfect sense.

    What Products are Hot and What Products are Not for Weddings?

    By hot, we mean products that have been really popular. Some of our best sellers include:

    Custom Printed Stubby Coolers - For both the actual wedding, as well as the little bucks and hens parties that happen before the event.


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  6. Collapsible Promotional Product Ideas

    Products that are collapsible are the ultimate under dog in products and product design. Why? Well they appear to be insignificant but when action and performance is required they punch and roar well above their weight. In our range of products collapsible not only means convenience but it is also a money saver too, especially when you are gifting products through the mail. Here are some of the best designs we have ever seen when it comes to collapsible products. Tell us which ones you like the best.


    1. Reduce carbon emissions, save costs.
    2. Eco-friendly, reusable, customisable products.
    3. Convenient, portable, perfect for travelling.

    Collapsible Items for Promotions

    • Collapsible Vase - These are made using flexible PVC plastics. They work extremely well and you would be surprised to know that they are very stable too. Comes in super attractive colours
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  7. Must see - Cutest Jelly Lollies of all time

    Jelly fruit flavoured candy like fruit pastilles and jelly beans could possible be the simplest and most ordinary confectionery products. However with a bit of creative flair you can turn simple fruit flavoured candy into something spectacular. We thought we were able to do extra ordinary things with candy by having them custom made for our clients by colouring them, branding them and even packaging them in all types of cool boxes. Nothing though compares with these interesting lollies made by Hong Kong confectionery brand Aji Ichiban. The brand is actually in Japanese and it means, "the best and superior," which is both an odd way to call a candy company and an even stranger fact in that the brand has nothing to do with Japan at all! They release all sorts of limited run candy each season and in this particular period they have come up with what I would consider the

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  8. Jupiter Layer Cake: Branding Inspiration

    One could say that the universe has endless possibilities, and in this case, it certainly rings true. Meet Rhiannon, an Aussie cake artist with a talent for pushing the boundaries of creativity. Her latest masterpiece is no ordinary cake; it's a stunning tribute to our solar system's largest planet - Jupiter. Boasting realistic textures and vibrant colours both inside and out, the Jupiter Layer Cake is truly out-of-this-world. This could serve as inspiration for your upcoming promotional item. How? Read on!


    1. Draw inspiration from the Jupiter Layer Cake.
    2. Utilise creativity when customising items.
    3. Stand out with unique designs.


    An Artisanal Marvel

    The Jupiter Layer Cake, created by Rhiannon, is a stunning example of artisanal marvel.

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  9. Meet us at Sydney Event Showcase 2013 14th-15th August

    For the second year in a roll we will be having a tradeshow booth at the Sydney Event Showcase in gorgeous Darling Harbour in Sydney Australia. If the event is simply half of what it was last year then expect it to be an amazing awesome experience for guests.

    What The Event Showcase 2013 is About?

    In case you are not aware the Event Showcase is an event about events!! All the best vendors from around the country that specialise in organising and hosting events will be showing off their abilities. The companies holding booths will include:

    - Event Organisers (big and small)
    - Model Agencies
    - Event venues (ie. TenPin Bowling and restaurants)
    - Event suppliers (lighting and audio, special effects)
    - Caterers
    - Performance artists (trapeze artists, drummers, and more)
    - Live Performances

    The most amazing thing to expect from this event is that all the vendors will be trying to out-do each other and the results is some of the most spectacular

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