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  1. Personalised Chocolate Bars For Mother’s Day

    The yummiest present of all has to be chocolate and when it comes to Mother’s Day what better way to spoil mum than with a personalised chocolate bar?  Yes, personalised – just the way mum deserves it.  Did someone say chocolate?

    Quality is the key

    Indulgent sweets need to taste the goods so don’t skimp on quality.  Luckily, we do all the hard work for you and very happily taste test each and every variety; that way mum gets only the best hand made chocolates on offer.

    A gift for mum to satisfy all the senses

    Flowers are pretty, clothing is thoughtful and a lovely hand-written card is sentimental, however nothing touches all the senses like a custom-designed meticulously wrapped bar of chocolate.  Her

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  2. MacDonald's All New Look

    Are you looking to change yourself, the branding of your company or the image of your mascot. Change is something that we are always looking for in our society, whether it be getting a haircut, new clothes or for the more extreme, plastic surgery. Why, do we do this? It's all about making ourselves look better and standing out, but how much should we change and how much is acceptable for us to change before we aren't recognised anymore?


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  3. The Best Corporate Branding is Done Quietly

    Have you ever purchased an Apple product? I bet you remember the time when you opened the box of the item you purchased right? You did not tear it open, instead you opened the shrink wrap by tugging at it, possibly you may have used a pen or a key to break the seal. After that you jiggled the box to remove the cover to access the product and in the process for those who pay attention to detail you may have heard a whooshing sound from the air pressure created by you opening the box.

    The thing about this process and this experience is that it is not an accident. Apple has a secret packaging room where designers spend every hour of each day just opening prototype boxes. Apple wants the simple experience of opening a box to be special and memorable which in turn gives the company a corporate

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  4. Eco Friendly Promotional Thumbdrives

    USB pocket thumbdrives are reaching a point where they are so low in cost that they are literally everywhere much like the humble ball point pen. The way they are consumed have therefore changed dramatically over the past few years. No longer do people use 1 thumbdrive for all their data needs. They are now typically used to store files temporarily and more often than not people will have a dedicated thumbdrive for work and another few for other purposes. With that in mind I was fascinated to come across a successful Kickstarter project by BOLTgroup that created thumbdrive tear aways! The concept works like a exactly like a notepad. Simply tear away the product from its base when you need to use it.


    1. Promote your brand with eco-friendly thumb drives.
    2. Enhance brand reputation with sustainable choices.
    3. Support the environment and attract customers.


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  5. Future of Printing Listen & Feel

    This is an interesting product that I came across. Visually without know what this product below is, you may simply think of it as a piece of art or merely a printed poster. This particular product you see is quite special. It utilizes a very special ink that conducts electricity. Hook this ink up to some micro chips and these inventors have come up with an ink that synchronize to your Smart Phone via Bluetooth. The result is that this poster will enable people who touch it to have a tune that is inline with their touch. In other words a fully interactive poster where you can feel and listen to the print.

    The Future of Printing?

    Would this be the future of printing? If it is then the possibilities are quite surreal. Imagine flipping

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  6. Technology Promotional Item Accessories Trending Up

    Last year 2013 was a big year for technology and in particular technology that integrates itself into our daily lifestyle. This year 2014 will be an even bigger year. It is forecast that 10 million units of products like: Smart Watches | Fitness Bands | Smart glasses will be sold this year. In total it is predicted that 20% of Australians will own at least one device that is attached to your body. In pure sales this equates to almost $3 billion dollars according to Deloitte Consulting.

    The increase in popularity of these types of devices will change the way we consumer media as well as literally how we live our lives. With all these devices the already popular Smartphone will be even more important as the majority of wearable technology requires Bluetooth connection to your phone. The processing power of Smartphones is also outrageously high which allows them to be quite future proof to new devices that hit the market.

    According to Deloitte's report for technology trends

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  7. Real Estate Corporate Branding & Merchandise

    Real Estate Agencies in Australia have on the whole developed a very unique sense of style and many pay very good attention to their corporate branding and their corporate identity. Not surprising after all a typical Real Estate Agency focuses on its need to not only be professional but also to have branding that appeals to their immediate community and relay a sense of trust and continuity.

    That is why when I came across the work by Jekin Gala who developed a brand identity and website for CentrePoint Homes that made me especially curious.

    Real Estate Agency Brief

    The brief provided to the designer was to create a brand that is bolder and has a greater visibility than other real estate agencies. After all I can imagine that virtually all real estate agents have essentially the same core values as one another, the same service and the same type of corporate identity. So making CentrePoint Homes a bolder and having the branding louder than others was definitely

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  8. Tips & Products to Enhance Your Creativty at Work

    Everybody can use with a bit of creativity, no matter what line of work you are in. If you are a blogger, a designer (for anything at all) then it is obvious that you need to be on your A-game every single day. However if you are in a processing role, a management or any job so to speak a bit of creativity will always help. Perhaps there is a better way to do a task? Maybe a more creative way to do a presentation.

    Working at a desk within the same environment everyday can make your spark of imagination quite dull. Here are some top tips that I have compiled which has really helped me not only in being a little bit more imaginative but has made my desk tidier and me happier in general. The little things do make a difference and here is my list of little things that will hopefully give you some inspiration.

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  9. Toilet Paper with Gold Embossing

    Gold Embossing is a luxurious way to brand onto products. It is very much similar to De-boss branding but done in reverse. A lot of the time we have trouble showing what exactly an emboss branding effect looks like. So to make things easier I thought I demonstrate an example via toilet paper from a German Tissue Maker.


    1. Enhance brand appeal with gold embossing.
    2. Maximise visibility and recognition.
    3. Consider compatibility and cost factors.


    World's (2nd) Most Expensive Toilet Paper

    At $250 dollars per roll this perhaps may be the world's most expensive toilet paper. What makes it so expensive is that they are custom branded using Gold Embossing. These toilet  paper is made by German Tissue maker

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