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  1. Tasty Edible Coffee Cup

    We only recently blogged about an awesome idea for an edible promotional cup. The concept product was designed to look like a miniature espresso mug with a baked cookie exterior. An interior lining of icing sugar was to have kept the hot contents from eating through the bikkie part before you had a chance to consume it. But as we noted in that article, the original idea surfaced 12 years ago and we still haven't seen a mass produced, edible coffee cup produced.

    Until now, that is.

    Ultimate Eco Friendly Coffee Cup

    KFC in the UK have begun producing the "Scoffee" as part of their introduction of Seattle's Best Coffee brand into their restaurants. The Scoffee is, like the spec cup we blogged

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  2. Creative Tee Shirt Designs

    This is the 2nd part of our exploration into the COOLEST tee shirts ever designed. The humble tee shirt originally was once considered an undergarment. The tee shirt was never supposed to be the only item of clothing a respectable gentleman or lady wore when they were out and about. With this in mind, the popularity of well designed promotional tee shirts have exploded. Here are some of the coolest designed printed tee shirts that I have come across thus far.


    1. Incorporate local culture for connection.
    2. Use humor and wit to stand out.
    3. Experiment with printing techniques.

    Cool Tee Shirt Designs

    • Exhibit number 1: This tee shirt is awesome on many levels. First of all it does not have an in your face graphic. This means that wearing this tee shirt on a daily
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  3. 5 Weird & Wonderful USB Hubs

    Promotional USB hubs are the forgotten office technology helpers. Each USB hub device can be used to expand a single port into several once connected to the host system. This means that instead of being restricted to the factory standard one or two USB ports on your device (depending on the product of course) you can now 4 or 5 USB devices in at any given time. Super handy for the work place, and definitely great to have at home if you're a tech-head or have frequent geeky guests. But, like most products, who wants to have a boring standard USB hub?? That's why we've compiled this list of our fave customised USB hubs to help liven up your computer desk!



    1. Custom USB hubs enhance branding.
    2. Novelty options spark creativity.
    3. Practical and fun functionality.


    Awesome Quirky

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  4. Strangest Movie Promo Items

    I love going to the movies and I am guilty of purchasing movie merchandise for some of my favourite flicks, especially for super hero themed movies. With much delight though, I have come across some really odd and strange movie themed products. Some of these are official merchandise, whilst some others are not. Check out this list though and let me know what you think.

    5 Hilariously Unique Movie Products

    Number 1: The hottest movie ticket in town quite literally has to be 50 Shades of Grey. This movie has had mixed reviews which have been overall positive. I don't plan on seeing this movie, but I do appreciate some of the cool merchandise that has accompanied it, including this unique Promotional Teddy Bear. Looking at what he is holding, and what he is wearing doesn't leave much to the imagination on what he is all about.

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  5. Perth Mint Star Trek Collaboration

    Last year we talked about the awesome Batman custom stamp promotion that combined the forces of the US Postal Services with DC Comics to produce collectible stamps featuring The Dark Knight. This year, collaborative pop culture branding has gotten a bit more local with the esteemed Perth Mint teaming up with Star Trek for a cross promotion that boldly goes where no collaborative effort has gone before: customised legal Trek tender!

    • Perth Mint and Star Trek collaborated to produce customised silver coins featuring Star Trek designs.
    • These limited edition coins are made of 99.9% pure silver and have full-color Star Trek images on one side.
    • While they are legal tender with a face value of $1 on Tulavu, their primary appeal is as collector's items.

    Promotional Aussie Star Trek Coins

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  6. Luxury Marketing Rebrand

    While we all have an idea in mind as to what constituents "luxury", sometimes it can be hard pinning "luxury" down as something visible, tangible. So when you're looking to evoke a feeling of luxury in your corporate rebrand, how do you go about it? We found a prime example of a luxury rebrand done right in the new look designed for Dubai-based retail company, "Privilege".

    Navy Promotional Stationery and Business Items


    What is immediately striking about this product rebrand is the sheer simplicity of it all. Your eyes are drawn immediately to a refined, clean logo and slogan without anything excessive to distract you. This is

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  7. Crazy Celebrity Promo Gifts

    It's awards season in the US at the moment, and while you might think celebrities and regular folk don't have a lot in common, the truth is that stars receive gift bags just like us when they attend annual events. And while your company retreat in the Blue Mountains might not be on the same level as the Oscars, you and this year's Best Director might end up leaving with similar goodies. Well, some of them anyway.

    Promotional Gift Bags at The Grammys

    The funny thing is, as flashy as awards shows are the gift bags the celebs get to take away at the end = practical. This year's Grammy award gift bags, for example, contained promotional hand sanitisers (presumably for the celebrities to use after shaking hands with skeezy record producers) and exquisite branded baseball caps from a local Californian business.

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  8. 5 Amazing Promotional Bookmarks

    In the age where seemingly everything is presented on an LCD screen, there is something very comforting about picking up a book. With every good book though, as essential accessory would be a bookmark. Now anything can be a bookmark. Some even have a habit of folding down a page as a bookmark too, but personally I think a well designed bookmark is something to treasure and can be a little special too. Below are 5 of the top bookmark designs that I have ever come across. Check them out and let me know what you think of them. In addition, we will touch upon the advantages of personalised bookmarks and various other types.

    1. Promote brand awareness with bookmarks.
    2. Increase customer loyalty with bookmarks.
    3. Choose from versatile bookmark options.


    Fun Bookmarks

    Here are samples of stylish yet unique bookmarks for inspiration:

    • A well written book always deserves
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  9. 5 Stunning Printed T Shirt Designs

    Promotional tee shirts have been around for a long time and you are probably like me and have seen hundreds and thousands of different designs over the years. Most tee shirt designs are quite boring now, however now and again we come across some graphics that are printed on tee shirts that are so amazingly unique. Here are 5 of the most jaw dropping custom tee shirt designs that i have come across this year. Let me know which one is your favourite.


    1. Express individuality through unique graphics.
    2. Showcase passion with high-quality branding.
    3. Add playfulness to your outfit.

    List of 5 Creative Tee Shirts

    Number 1: Are you stressed or squeezed for time? Then take things to another whole level with this cool tee shirt design. It features a giant hand that makes you look like you are being squashed.

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  10. Flashy Printed Confectionery Rebrand

    When you're working with traditional, regional materials there can be a tendency to err on the side of caution with branding. Rather than going for something too different in terms of colour or format, many brands limit themselves to conservative visual styles that don't necessarily help them stand out from the pack. Not Amado, a boutique Mexican sweet and bakery shop that works with local materials to produce exquisite luxury confectionery. When they got Anagrama to design their entire corporate image, they opted to go for anything but conservative - they went for big, modern and bold!

    Colourful Corporate Confectionery Rebrand


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