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  1. Custom Coffee Cup Artworks

    Unconventional Packaging Artwork

    Fetching a takeaway coffee on the way to work is a ritual to many of us. While the inspiration we reap from our daily caffeine hit might be limited to the delicious energy boost, some artists and designers have turned to the blank canvas of the humble takeaway coffee cup as an unconventional blank canvas, and they have us rather inspired...


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    Awesome Product Branding Idea


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  2. Zombies & Yoga & Custom Branded Beers?

    Unconventional Branding Product Has Fans Talking

    You might not usually associate yoga with beer, but be prepared for downward dogs and meditation to meet a cool 4.6 alcohol percentage. What about beer and...zombies? Well prepare yourself furthermore for apocalypse survival plans and mindless rotting flesh eaters to meet a whopping 6.7% brew. (Actually, that sounds like a regular night out at Sydney's Kings Cross...)

    Festival Launch for Curious Custom Beer Cans

    Sportswear brand Lululemon are cornering a whole new market with the special limited edition release of their very own beer called Curiosity Lager; and zombie drama series The Walking Dead are no-doubt pleasing their fan base with the

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  3. 5 Unconventional Custom Stressball Ideas

    The humble stressball. A classic customizable corporate toy and a joy for all ages, not to mention a fun item to spruce up your desk that doubles as a therapeutic aid that helps the troubles of the day subside. Let your imagination run wild with possibilities...

    So spherical Earth Stressballs might be on the more common end of the spectrum, as far as stressball shapes go, but you've gotta admit they have more edge than the average Smiley Face Ball. And the wordplay on these novelty goods is practically endless, you might say you've got the "whole word in your hands" in that sense.

    It would be a real waste not to roll these Wheelie

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  4. How this Custom USB Fixes a Car

    You'd be surprised what you can do with a custom USB drive. Car giants Chrysler, the name behind Jeep vehicles, have recently taken advantage of USB technology to get them out of a sticky situation and save them a lot of time, trouble and money.

    A recent stunt by WIRED revealed a frightening safety issue with the software in Jeep vehicles, where it was proved hackers are able to take complete control of a Jeep vehicle and invade all it's systems and functions on the road from as far as the other side of the country, potentially causing life threatening accidents.

    Chrysler have announced the recall of 1.4 million vehicles in response, but this is not your average recall, as the Jeep owners won't be physically returning their cars. Instead, they will be are being sent preloaded

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  5. Happy Meals & Promo Toys for Grown Ups

    No matter how we feel about the all empowered junk food empire that is McDonalds, one can't deny the thrill of a Happy Meal (TM). Aside from the deviously delicious food and the colourful packaging, it's definitely the excitement and possibilities of a brand new surprise promotional toy that that completes the experience for the kiddies (and the children at heart).

    While there should be no shame in ordering a Happy Meal as an adult (if only for nostalgia reasons and a brief escape to carefree days before the pressures of adulthood set in) BuzzFeed staffer Charlotte Gomez has taken it upon herself to re-imagine these delightful packages - traditionally filled

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  6. Nifty Solutions for Organising Business Cards

    We live in a world where everything around us is continually being sucked up and spat out as a digitized recreation of what was before. Workdays are spent in front of computer screens, the purpose of diaries and personal organisers has been absorbed by our mobile smart devices, along with books and all manner of other things that we used to carry around.

    Throwback Stationary Supplies

    But there is one physical paper good that hasn't lost it's relevance - the humble business card. The ritual of handing over one's business card cannot be done justice by the words "find me on Linked In" or the awkward scramble to type your digits into your potential contact's unfamiliar phone.

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  7. Corporate Branding Done Right

    When seeking design work that will establish (or redefine) a strong brand identity - the best designers know simplicity and flow are the crux of an effective design.
    French based design agency Murmure have outdone themselves with the entire visual rebranding of architectural company EXO, and proved the power of wise design choices.

    Bold Yet Elegant Design for Brand Identity

    Inspired by architectural shapes and using a simple colour palette of black and white, Murmure have developed a visual language for the new brand identity that imposes structure, volume and elegance.

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  8. Genius DIY Selfie Sticks

    Brought to you by social media and the letter 'V' for vanity, the internet has been hard at work meditating on society's most deeply ingrained problems and has come forward with a steadfast solution.

    DIY Selfie Sticks

    No, it's not another activist hashtag, but DIY selfie sticks are here in all their miraculous, crafty glory. Finally, a counter solution for those among us who don't have the extra cash to fork out on a plastic stick. Or who find committing to the purchase of these ingeniously commercialized items too 'mainstream' or daunting, but who crave their very own super-human arm extension to allow them to take selfies from the most fabulous angles possible.

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  9. Bald Ambition: Human Heads as Billboards?

    A follically-challenged man in Austin, Texas, has begun an ambitious business venture selling advertising space on the side of his bald head to businesses willing to pay US$320 a day for the service.

    Unconventional Branding...

    27-year-old entrepreneur Brandon Chicotsky has been flooded with inquiries since launching Bald Logo last month, which currently employs three "bald angelicals" who spend six hours a day walking around the streets of Austin displaying temporary tattoos on their hairless domes for the assigned rate. The tattoos have been perfected to withstand all manner of weather conditions.


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  10. Minion Marketing Fail?

    Sometimes even the best intended marketing campaign can go awry. Take for example the latest line of fun Minion toys produced by McDonalds for their famous Happy Meals. Each adorable little toy says a variety of phrases in the creatures' made up language known as "Minionise". If you're already familiar with the Despicable Me franchise, you'll know just how cute their crazy language sounds! But is there a dark side to these fun little tip-on gifts?


    Turns out that a lot of parents didn't just hear funny Minion gibberish when they listened to their Caveman Minion. While some

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