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  1. 6 Reimagined Custom Brand Logos

    6 Reimagined Custom Brand Logos

    Logo Design Inspiration

    Just because a brand is instantly recognisable by it's logo,  that doesn't mean it couldn't use a little improvement. Especially in the eyes of design geeks and fans of hand lettering.

    Custom Branding Exercise

    New Zealand-based designer Sara Marshall has stepped in with her "Brand by Hand" series; an experimental lettering project in which she has created hand-lettered versions of the logos of famous company brands, and through this she has explored the attributes that define them.

    We think these gorgeous reimagined logos would look great on special ranges of custom branded merchandise.

    In this one, the internationally recognisable Skype logo gets a whimsical reinterpretation:

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  2. Water Matters & Personalized Glasses

    Water is really good for you, no I do not mean in a sense that it keeps us alive. You see water has a heap of benefits that you may not know about. Here are a list of Water benefits and I reckon when drunk with a beautiful personalized glassware, it tastes all the more better (queue shameless product plug.... sorry couldn't help myself! Sic)

    Top Reasons Why Water is Good for You

    • Makes your skin glow if you drink enough of it
    • Nails get stronger
    • Ultimate fighter against ageing
    • Sunburn? No problem drink more for a faster healing process
    • Hairloss? Yep that too.... and i definitely need some of that!


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  3. An Original Custom Coffee Cup

    Yawn! Coffee cups have been looking a bit too similar for the past 5 years. I have been seeing all sorts of cute and cool graphics on coffee cups, however it has been a while since I have seen a design that is not only original, but is genuinely practical. This original design is one that definitely ticks both these boxes.


    A Comfortable Custom Mug

    This particular mug is called the Kruzhkus Mug. The design features a larger loop for your first 3 fingers, the reason? Well your pinky finger and the finger next to it are shorter. Therefore wouldn’t it make sense to have your cup handle accommodate this? Well this mug surly does. I don’t know about you, but I think this is just the perfect custom cup for

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  4. Enourmous Travel Mugs for Hulks

    On some mornings, do you find that a mere standard cup of coffee is not enough? I know I have that feeling sometimes too. You see most standard coffee cups and travel cups are generally a mere 420ml and this is not merely enough. This is where a product like this cup comes in handy.

    A Coffee Cup for Giants

    This particular travel coffee cup is delightfully huge. In fact it is so big that it can easily carry the equivalent of 6 cups. The first time I saw this cup, I literally grinned and chuckled. It is so outrageously big. This cup in litres is 1.54 litres.

    Should We Stock It?

    You decide? Do you think this is a product that we should stock within our promotional

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  5. Hilarious Promotional Tea Bags

    Hilarious Promotional Tea Bags

    Tea Lovers Merchandise

    Have you been trying to think of a new way to represent your loyal-tea to the British Crown? Or perhaps a graphic statement to celebrate the freedom of democra-tea?
    Well, while you've been sipping on your cup of tea and having a long hard think about it, some clever people have combined the tea and the patriotism and come up with these hilariously bizarre promotional tea bag tags in the likeness of some of the world's key political and royal figures.

    Great Office Gag Gift

    How do you fancy the reigning Queen Elizabeth taking a nice hot soak in your soothing Earl Grey brew?...


    Or perhaps some members of the American

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  6. Radical 3D Embossed Leather Goods

    Radical 3D Embossed Leather Goods

    How awesome are these!? We've long known that embossing is an excellent technique for customising professional leather moleskin journals, giving them the slick appearance of executive business merchandise. But some clever crafty people of the internet have uncovered a clever DIY technique for embossing these amazing 3D shapes and designs that can be imprinted onto leather wallets, purses, bags, sunglass cases - pretty much any leather product you can think of!

    Unique Branded Merchandise Idea?

    These purses are definitely show-stoppers. Whether carried around as a clutch handbag or perhaps used as a personalised business card holder–the only thing that should make you hesitate about carrying around one of these edgy accessories is the idea of people

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  7. 8 Surprisingly Efficient Promotional Products

    8 Surprisingly Efficient Promotional Products

    Products for Brand Recognition

    Promotional products are often accused of being somewhat useless. The fear being that once the gimmick has worn off, the consumer will toss it into a drawer where it won't do much more than gather dust, along with your brand recognition... But cast your eyes over these impressively efficient and surprisingly useful product ideas. They make so much sense, you'll find yourself wondering how you didn't think of them yourself!

    Thought-Provoking Promotional Merchandise

    1. Transforming Utensil Set

    This handy contraption is a triple threat - knife, fork and chopsticks in one device! Wouldn't it pair wonderfully with a matching Brandable Bento Lunch Box set?

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  8. Bank Brand Identity & Items Redesign

    Not often do we see a traditional corporate institution like a Bank be so playful with their branding identity and their merchandising. This set of creatively printed merchandise by two local banks in Norway have really broken with tradition with a set of merchandise and logo visuals that utilize simple shapes and basic colours to create something quite memorable.

    Creative Promotional Items for Bank

    A freelance graphic designer for an advertisement agency called Procontra, assisnged Daniel Brokstad to come up with some unique visuals for a recently formed bank Jaeren Sparebank (which was created as a result of a merger).

    What you see here are playful visuals using what looks like children playing blocks to create simple but powerful visuals. Check them out:

    These are printed

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  9. 6 Hilarious Office Pranks

    These office pranks go far beyond the traditional whoopie cushion on the chair routine... The evil genius behind these is truly something to behold. Do you think pulling off a prank like this would earn you a pat on the back, a slap on the wrist or an order to walk out the door?


    1. Set clear guidelines for pranks.
    2. Respect personal belongings and safety first.
    3. Have remote work fun ideas ready.

    Funny Workplace Pranks

    • The Personalised Wrapping Paper Prank - This must have taken some time and patience, these cheeky co-workers have carefully wrapped every single item in this office with promotional wrapping papers.


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  10. Fun Customised Smartphone Cases

    There's no escaping smartphones. Whether you're an iPhone die hard or an android devotee, carrying around one's mobile phone has become synonymous with being a normal, functional human being. The invention of this tech gadget gave birth to personalised phone cases that have become one of the most sought-after promotional items. We've done some research of the most quirky mobile phone case designs that you may get inspiration from, or a good laugh. Read on!


    1. Customise smartphone cases for personalization.
    2. Enhance functionality and practicality.
    3. Ignite creativity with playful designs.


    Cool Personalised Phone Cases

    While you're carried away with all the technical applications of your portable device, you might be disregarding the most wonderful way to

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