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  1. Custom Wine Bottles for Gen Y

    Custom Wine Bottles for Gen Y

    Sometimes a great product isn't enough. You can know the market and know the product they'd like to buy, but if it doesn't look right it's going to miss the mark. For example, wine is experiencing somewhat of a renewed popularity amongst younger generations of drinkers, but the marketing and promotional wine bottles targeted at them is going to look completely different to the established wine purveyors of older age groups.


    • Custom printed wine bottles, such as the ones offered by Reborn in partnership with Australian Vintage Limited.
    • Personalised wine bottles cater to the preferences of the digital generation, incorporating digital campaigns, social media engagement, etc. 
    • The effectiveness of custom labeled wine bottles extends beyond wine, associating brands with enjoyable experiences and good times.
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  2. 5 Creative Custom Business Card Designs

    Personalised Business Cards

    It's no secret that we at Cubic Promote are huge fans of a well designed business card. We are living in a world where absolutely everything is becoming digitised, but there's something much more professional about smoothly handing over your business card opposed to awkwardly typing your details into someone else's smart device. Even better, there is an unfathomably diverse amount of ways you can design a business card to really make an impression.

    Unique Business Cards:

    Here are some unique and wacky business card designs that wouldn't be easily forgotten...


    A great idea for a stylist, this transparent frosted business card incorporates

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  3. Nameless Paints = Amazing Merchandising

    Unique Promotional Packaging

    So much of the time, packaging design and branding is an intense saturation of words and labels with the express purpose of driving the brand recognition into consumers brains. But sometimes, immense impact can be made with what is not said...

    Customised Paint Tubes

    Japanese design duo Ima Moteki has sought to revolutionise the way children learn about colours with some ingenious packaging design. Their 'Nameless Paints' range is comprised of minimalistic white tubes of paint labelled with an "equation" of primary colours, so the colour is not identified by a word, but what it is: a colour.

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  4. Crazy Selfie Stick Promo Item

    There are some promotional items that are very normal, whilst there are other products that are absolutely CRAZY! This particular selfie stick is definitely the type of product that I would call crazy. What is it? It is a Selfie Stick that is attached to the back of a spoon.

    Marketing Campaign By a Cereal Company

    This particular effort is by an American company that creates a breakfast cereal called "Cinnamon Toast Crunch."

    What is It? A Selfie Stick & a Spoon!

    It is a selfie stick of course silly, but with a notable difference. This Blue Tooth enabled selfie stick is stuck to the end of a spoon...... and you guessed it, the

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  5. Amazing Custom Printed Umbrellas

    The weather in Sydney has been rather dismal lately. Dark, dreary rainclouds looming overhead, a dash of rain in some areas and rough storms in others, and a chilling wind that cuts right through you. It’s almost like winter is staging a comeback, and just when we were packing away the umbrellas and raincoats. Rain doesn’t necessarily have to be miserable though, and umbrellas don’t need to be boring and utilitarian, as you might have seen previously on our blog. Still, these novelty umbrellas from Japan bring a whole new meaning to branded umbrellas.

    With a clever application of water absorbent and water repellent coatings, these umbrellas appear plain and unassuming when dry, but unveil all kinds of interesting

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  6. Tokyo 2020 Abandoned Logo Alternatives

    Tokyo 2020 Abandoned Logo Alternatives

    Earlier this month, the organisers of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics ran into some trouble when designer of the official logo Kenjiro Sano was accused of plagiarism against the design of the logo for the theater of Liège in Belgium.

    Classic Branding Mistake

    This is a classic lesson in doing your research when it comes to your branding. The organisers had to make the decision to scrap the logo amid the controversy and start over again.

    The only positive to the embarrassingly widespread publicity of the disgrace, designers from all over

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  7. Amazing 3D Printed Custom Gummy Lollies

    Amazing 3D Printed Custom Gummy Lollies

    Ultimate Promotional Product

    What are the most exciting elements you can bring together in an item of promotional merchandise?

    Food is a good element, people love anything free and edible, especially when it's bulk lollies. Customisable merchandise is also great, people love a personalised experience. Exciting new technology is another guaranteed show stopper - especially when it comes 3D printing, people are absolutely losing their minds over the latest innovations in this trendy new technology with it's multiple applications.

    Customisable Lollies

    Introducing the amazing machine that brings all of these elements together: "The Magic Candy Factory"  is a 3D printer developed to produce custom candy gummies, and it has been operating in Berlin since the end of August.

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  8. 4 Uses for Custom Flashlights

    4 Uses for Custom Flashlights

    Practical Outdoor Promotional Giveaway

    A flashlight or torch is definitely on the more unconventional side of promotional merchandising, but they can actually make for a great practical and imaginative corporate gift or giveaway for your customers. Perhaps it could symbolise how your business "lights the way" in your field, or maybe it could inspire some outdoor activities...

    Party Favours

    Found at

    Whether you're hosting a 'summer camp' themed

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  9. Whoops! Branding Errors at Barangaroo

    We here at Cubic Promote are no strangers to branding problems. We’re in the business of promotional products, and sometimes, our customers can’t quite decide how they want to promote their brand. From having wildly varying designs they can’t quite pick from, to minor changes at the final stages, to approval issues from their head honchos. We’ve seen a number of ways people trying to promote their brand can go wrong. Totally understandable of course, if you’re going to put your name out there, you’re going to want it done right. The last thing you want to do is jump the gun, and end up with a result that not everyone will agree with. It’s quite funny then, that our own NSW State Government has done something similar.

    Barangaroo, a redevelopment of one of Sydney’s old wharf areas

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  10. Mini Paintings = Logo Inspiration

    Artist Karen Libecap's paintings and sketches are remarkable enough in their rendering and detail. But once you realise that they are in-fact just about the right size to fit on your thumbnail, they become pretty amazing.

    Branding Logo Design Inspiration

    They are so intriguing that they got us inspired to take these principles into logo design. Sure, keeping it simple with bold geometric lines and simple graphics is usually our style, but how can you not harbour some serious affection for these miniature artworks!?

     Custom Embroidered Merchandise

    The painterly lines would come up rather

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