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  1. Cute Japanese Mascots & Logos

    No one country on earth does Mascots and Logos as cute and as fun as the Japanese. Some of the brands that utilize a combination of unique logos and cute mascots are among the biggest corporate businesses in Japan. Here are some of the most unique and also bizarre examples.

    Branding with Mascots and Logos

    Logos typically go hand in hand with Mascots in many organisations. They tend to complement each other and provide something giddy and awesome. Kids absolutely love most Mascots and for the brand it allows kids to be exposed to brands at a young age through an interactive cute medium other than simply personalized merchandise.

    Unique & Japan Only

    Japanese mascot characters are known as "Yuru-Chura," Some of them dance and others are used during promotional events in cities, airports and even prisons. They may look a bit strange to westerners

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  2. Five of the Ugliest Christmas Sweaters Invented

    Part of me is saddened by the fact that as an Australian, there's no "white Christmas" to experience, no winter wonderland to see. If we're lucky, we'll have nice warm weather of 25-30 degrees Celsius (77-86 Degrees Fahrenheit for any American readers) to comfortably have a barbeque in. If we're unlucky, walking outdoors will cause immediate spontaneous combustion. So for me, Christmas sweaters are a bit of a bittersweet idea. They can be incredibly awful and absolutely fantastic as a result, and I certainly wouldn't mind one, but alas wearing a sweater or any kind of outwear during an Aussie Christmas is just asking for heatstroke. Still, they're always good for laugh, so here are 5 of the ugliest Christmas sweaters ever designed, with some fantastic, and others nightmarish.

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  3. Crazy Star Wars Branded Items

    Star Wars is now officially in cinemas to some really good reviews. This time round the Star Wars Juggernaut franchise is huge, spawning a huge industry in Star Wars related official branded merchandise. Some of the merchandise that have been made on offer this year have been spectacular (example is the BB 8 Robot Droid remote control toy), whilst others have been quite interesting.

    Interesting (Crazy) Branded Items

    We have seen some really crazy products this year and amongst the best of them can be found overseas. These products are really awesome in their own way. Check them out:

    • Star Wars Rubber Ducks - I must admit the Storm troopers rubber ducks are rather special

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  4. Town Recycles Almost 100% of Products

    Recycling is an idea that's gained quite a bit of traction over the years. Reusing and converting what would otherwise be thrown away into useful material is more important than ever in an increasingly environmentally conscious world. So we recycle our plastics, glass, and metals at home. We buy environmentally sound products made from recycled material, like recycled paper notebooks, or recycled promotional eco-bags.


    • Kamikatsu's residents separate their waste into 34 different categories and deliver it to designated drop-off points.
    • The town's recycling efforts have led to an 80% recycling rate and officials aim to reach zero waste by 2020.
    • Recycling offers significant benefits, such as conserving natural resources, reducing landfill waste, etc.

    It's pretty good stuff, but one small town in Japan

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  5. History Behind This Logo: Chupa Chups

    Chupa Chups is one of the world's most instantly recognisable brands of lollipop. Brightly coloured wrappers, the ever present daisy logo, the broad range of flavours, and of course the fact that it's seemingly always right within arms reach at the counter of pretty much every newsagency, super market, convenience store, or gas station. But who designed such a simple, elegant, and yet eye catching logo? Was it the magnum opus of some advertising agency somewhere? The most famous work of some unsung marketing agent? Actually no. It was, surprisingly enough, the work of one of the world's most famous artists; Salvador Dali.

    Famous Logo - Famous Artist

    Yes, Salvador Dali, the famed surrealist painter who created the instantly recognisable "Persistence of Memory" a.k.a that melting clock painting

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  6. Printed Wrapping Paper Inspirations

    Presentation counts for something when it comes to gift giving. Sure you can just hand over an unwrapped gift. Or something in a plastic bag. Or even just a card filled with cash or gift cards. But where's the style? The flair? Where's the element of mystery? Would the recipient of your gift bother lifting and shaking and looking quizzically at an unwrapped gift? No. No they would not. So to do it with style, we strongly recommend you wrap all your gifts. Now of course, you just use standard wrapping paper. You could even use custom printed wrapping paper. But would they be quite as stylish as the following?

    The following are some truly inspired wrapping paper designs. From the gag hamburger layer design, which is perfect for stacks of gifts. To the almost rustically hand drawn cartoonish one which

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  7. History Behind This Logo: McDonalds

    A brand is greater than the sum of its parts. It's the company, the products, the image they portray, their design ethos, and the way they're perceived by the consumers. But a brand can also be a logo just as a logo can be the brand. The most famous and the most recognisable of these symbols are synonymous with what they represent. You see the logo and you think the brand, you think the brand and you imagine the logo. Sure, some of it comes down to the success of the company in question, but part of that success though requires smart marketing. An iconic design for instance could be more important to the success of a world famous brand than you'd think. McDonald's for example is one such company.

    You'd think that the famed gold arches are representative of the M in McDonalds,

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  8. Custom Brand Star Wars Ice Cream

    With Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens released in cinemas in a matter of weeks, excitement for the franchise is reaching fever pitch. So why not cool off with some official Star Wars brand ice cream? And no, this isn’t some cheap fudgesicle sticks tie in sold by the dozen in supermarkets to be fed to hyperactive kids. It's not some amusing Star Wars biscuits shaped like a Death Star or something.

    And it's definitely not some horrible Jar Jar Binks Tongue Shaped Custom Lollipops. This is some quality, incredibly indulgent stuff. New York based Ample Hills Creamery – considered to be one of the best ice cream stores in America, in association with Disney Consumer Products, has released two flavours of custom made ice cream, the Light Side, and the Dark Side.


    • Ample Hills Creamery, in association with Disney Consumer Products, has released
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