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  1. Lost In Translation: T-shirts Gone Wrong

    We've all seen them, and it happens in every language. Common phrases directly translated and then not making any sense, or perhaps making very clear but rude sense. These hilarious t-shirts are additionally heightened by the inappropriate people who wear them. Below is a compiled list of our favorites...I couldn't bring myself to post any rude ones, so the list is 100% PG.

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    1. Wish you Were Here.... or beer?

    This cute little munchkin is wearing a shirt that is very age inappropriate which is perhaps what makes it funny.

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  2. Garment Quality Inspection Methods

    Did you just purchase a promotional tee shirt? Or perhaps you are merely browsing for a shirt that you can wear on the weekends or at work. Other than the style and colour of the shirt, what you should be looking for is the quality of the garment. You may be asking, how do I check for quality? Well read on and find out how!


    1. Choose garments that match your audience.
    2. Ensure lasting impression with branding.
    3. Focus on quality and follow-up.


    Quality Garments

    One thing about garments is that the price paid generally does reflect the quality of the garment. Basic economics come in play when it comes to sweaters, hoodies, polos and shirts. The more expensive the item is, chances are they are better

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  3. Quality Check Your Personalised Shirt in 3 Steps

    Have you ever bought a shirt only to find it falling apart soon after wearing it? It might have seemed like a good idea at the time, but now after a quick wear and wash, it's already looking a bit threadbare.  Well here's three easy steps that will help you get a good idea on whether you should buy or not.

    Put Your Clothes to the Test

    Do a quick stress test of your clothes. Grasping the fabric in both hands, gently tug at it and then release. If it snaps back into place, none the worse for wear, then that's a good sign. On the other hand, if a quick tug was enough to damage the garment, stretch it out, or alter the fabric, then needless to say, you're probably not going to want to pick that one. You're also probably going to want to get away from the scene of the crime as

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  4. Life of Pablo: Kanye's Album Merchandise

    Just when we thought Kanye West couldn't get any more eccentric, he opens a pop-up shop in New York featuring merchandise for his new album 'The Life of Pablo'.

    People lined the cold streets of New York in March awaiting the much anticipated and spontaneous store which featured crew neck jumpers, hoodies and other comfy merchandise with cool 'Life of Pablo' branding. The store did not disappoint with one reveler dropping about US$4,000 at the shop with the intention to instantly resell the rare items on eBay for a greedy profit. On offer are garments like:

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  5. Movie Colour Palettes & Branding

    Colour is important to us here at Cubic Promote. Our business is in branding and design, and we tend to see plenty of different artworks featuring every colour under the sun. You could say that we've got a long standing interest in colour palettes. Which is why we find the following images to be very cool. Various distinctive scenes from famous films, and the amazing array of colours used.


    1. Movie colour palettes make great branding.
    2. Choose colours wisely according to industry.
    3. Consistency is key in branding.

    Amazing Colour Selections

    Mad Max Fury Road was just plain visually intense. Aside from being a 2 hour long car chase, it also had excellent cinematography and a wonderful use of colour.

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  6. Sticky Wars: Return of the Post-it

    A cold war has erupted between two buildings on a New York City Street - only, the weapons are art and the soldiers: ad execs. Warfare began when a lone fighter spelt the word "'Hi" in the window, using the infamous yellow Post-It notes - her letters dwarfed by the imposing nature of the building.


    • Sticky note war between New York City buildings showcases creativity and visual appeal.
    • Trend spreads to neighboring businesses, attracting global attention and free marketing.
    • Illustrates the impact of small gestures in engaging a wide audience.

    Soon however, the trend had caught on, spreading like wildfire across the two adjacent buildings with office workers

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  7. Amazing Tea Bags For Coffee Cups

    There are so many amazing colours and designs when it comes to coffee cups nowadays. The designs are utterly amazing and the personalization that goes onto coffee cups can be totally awesome. So why let a boring tea bag ruin your cool coffee cup. We have searched and found some of the most unique Tea bags ever in the world. Check'em out below.

    Tea Bags with a Unique Look

    Can you believe that tea is the most popular beverage in the world after water? It is more popular than any sweetened drink in the world and definitely more popular than coffee. In Australia I would have thought that most tea is consumed out of a tea bag. Here are some of the most awesome tea bags that i think you will ever come across. Let me know which style is your favourite.

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  8. Selfie Sticks in Famous Movies

    Selfie sticks are inherently funny. They're just a rather light hearted and somewhat silly product. It's a long stick which you attach your phone to so you can take photos of yourself. It's not something that you can really take seriously, which makes the following photos absolute gold. Take some of most dramatic scenes from action and adventure movies. Take some of the most heroic, and anti-heroic figures in cinema history, armed for bear, and spoiling for a fight. And then photoshop in some selfie sticks. It's a delightfully absurd look.

    Hilarious Selfie Sticks

    From Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban comes one of the climatic scenes in the film. His life threatened by soul sucking monsters, Harry Potter valiantly fires off a spell and in a flash of blinding white light, saves the

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  9. If Marketing Slogans Were Blunt

    Marketing is an interesting field. It's all how you sell things to the populace. How you can convince them that it's a product that they want to buy. It's about presentation, style, image, and pizzazz. It's about representation, about emphasising the positive points and carefully avoiding any negative points. As such, marketing is often a field filled with fancy language, pretty words, half truths and occasional barefaced lies. It's rarely an outright blunt message, which makes the following parody designs all the funnier.


    1. Honest marketing is humorous and refreshing.
    2. Promotional products should align with values.
    3. Showcase authentic testimonials, avoid exaggeration.



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  10. Retro Logos from the 50's to the 70's

    Logo design tends to follow particular trends when it comes to looks. Some are timeless enough that they fit in any situation, some are just so famous that they're considered classics, and then are some that happen to show their age. Here are several examples of logos taken from the 1950's, 1960's, and 1970's, and for several logo designs, you can certainly see their age. Not that that's a bad thing necessarily, as we've seen some absolutely stunning old school logo designs in the past.

    Old School Logo Design

    Case in point, the above design. The Aquastat logo was designed in 1960's, and it looks like it belongs on the cover of a Beatles album or something. Very groovy.

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