Monthly Archives: November 2018

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  1. Amazing Recycled Starbucks Logo Cups

    The Starbucks logo is undoubtedly one of the most recognisable logo designs from around the world. Starbucks coffee cups, the white, disposable drink holders that come branded with the company logo on the side in green are equally as recognisable. One Korean artist, Soo Min Kim, has established an Instagram career by repurposing/upcycling Starbucks cups with artistic revisions to the famous mermaid logo design. The results, we think you'll agree, are eye-catching!


    1. Upcycle to reduce waste.
    2. Choose sustainable products.
    3. Improve brand image and appeal.


    Cups Make Memorable Art

    Soo Min Kim is a Korean artist who illustrates professionally and has developed a huge following

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  2. Unique Festive Promotional Items

    I have seen some rather incredible efforts for promotional items this past month. This marketing stunt by a sausage maker in the USA is rather amusing. The sausage maker is called Jimmy Dean, and their marketing merchandise for the festive months is fantastic.


    • Jimmy Dean, a sausage maker in the USA, has implemented a hilarious marketing stunt for the festive season.
    • The best festive merchandise options are customized Christmas ornaments, festive apparel, holiday gift sets, etc.
    • These items add personalisation, create a fun atmosphere, offer practicality, and spread joy.

    The Festive Season is for Silliness

    What better time to show that your organisation can be cheeky and fun than around Christmas time? This is precisely what this sausage and small goods maker in America has done. Jimmy Dean is the name of this business that makes bacon, sausages and small goods,

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  3. Celebrate With an Apple Stress Ball

    This coming Saturday on the 1st of December is the national Eat a Red Apple Day in America. Although this is not a day that is honoured in Australia, I think we can all agree that eating an Apple is just about the most deliciously healthy thing that we can do for ourselves. I don't know about my fellow Aussies, but I for one will definitely be observing this particular day. Why don't you also join me and celebrate the humble apple, with an Apple Shaped Stressball.

    Anytime is a Good Time for Healthy Eating

    Virtually everyone I have ever met would probably agree that they can eat a little bit healthier. Align healthy eating with your corporate and organisation values for both staff and customers makes perfect sense. Your organisation will benefit from:

    • The
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  4. Sausage Smelling Custom Printed Wrapping Paper

    The uniqueness of merchandising in the lead up this Christmas does not stop. This time the humble custom printed wrapping paper has been tweaked into something extremely interesting. Introducing to you the Jimmy Dean custom branded wrapping paper that smells like a sausage.

    The Promotional Item Gimmick

    Wrapping paper for the festive season that smells like a sausage. What type of sausage may you ask? DOES IT REALLY MATTER? This hilarious freebie gift is from the company called Jimmy Dean (cool name for a sausage company by the way). Imagine the look of surprise and glee on children's faces when they see this product.

    How Jimmy Dean the Company Promotes Using it?

    The set up in using this delightful marketing promo was simple.

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  5. Touch Footy with a Custom Frisbee

    It is Springtime in Australia (although if you were in Sydney, you would be quite disappointed at the coldish weather for the past week. Fear not though, I have read that warmer weather is just days away. Which means it is perfect weather for outdoor frisbee fun!! YAY!!! Here is an excellent game idea to play with your mates this spring and summer with a promotional frisbee.


    1. Boost brand visibility with frisbees.
    2. Create positive brand association.
    3. Customize products for specific needs.


    Touch Football (But with a Frisbee)

    You know the rules to Touch Footy right? It plays much like Rugby League but with a tip instead of a tackle. Well, if

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  6. Big Brands Choose Promotional Socks

    Promotional socks are becoming the must-have marketing item of 2018 because of their affordable price tags, robust design, low minimum quantities (from 15 pairs!), and high level of customisation. Big brands such as McDonald's turn to promotional socks for McHappy Day while charitable organisations across Australia know the value of a good pair of socks when it comes to fundraising. Check out, in depth, why personalised socks are having a resurgence!


    1. Customisable socks boost visibility.
    2. Socks provide long-term brand promotion.
    3. Promotional socks create customer appreciation.


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  7. Promotional Sprout Pencils are The Best Products

    It is unusual for us to say wow to any new product that comes around our office. This Sprout Pencil is different. When we first saw this product, we were genuinely surprised, impressed and very excited. You see pencils, and seed packs have always been favourite, but with this particular invention, both pencils and seeds are combined into a fantastic dual product.

    Introducing the Sprout Pencil

    For the first time in Australia, the Promotional seedstick Sprout Pencil is now available. This product has been incredibly successful overseas, and we are not surprised. You see this pencil (oh its a patented product by the way) is a truly sustainable product.

    What is it?

    The sprout pencil is a simple idea. It is a regular pencil. When you constantly sharpen the pencil, it gets

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  8. Recycling Products Day

    Yesterday was the 15th of November, and it was officially the National Recycling Day. The first thing that came to my mind was what a brilliant idea! Sadly this particular day was not a day that was celebrated in Australia, but instead in America. It made me think, why is this not an official day in Australia?

    The Day is Called America Recycles Day

    In America, the 15th of November is a designated day (not a holiday though), where millions of its citizens participate in recycling, purchasing recycled products and do stuff that encourages re-use for the environment.

    The day is used to not only recycle items but to teach and raise awareness about recycling. I can see (from an Aussie perspective), that this is a terrific idea because it not only encourages people to be more environmentally friendly, but also promotes a lot of community and neighbour interaction.

    The history of the recycling day in America started back in 1997 and is even endorsed by the White

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  9. Crazy Custom Branded Oreo Mugs

    In this industry, we've seen just about every creative version of a branded mug you can imagine. Whether decorated with photographs or elaborate ceramic shaping, there's no doubt that an eye-catching mug can really work wonders for promoting your brand. So when we spotted this new promotional mug set from Oreo, we knew we had to take a closer look because wow, is this one colourful and unique - ideal for fans of the treat!


    1. Custom mugs enhance brand recognition.
    2. Innovative designs make mugs stand out.
    3. Personalisation options create a lasting impact.


    Promotional Mugs for Cookie Fans

    While a less common activity here in Australia, back in the US there is

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  10. The History of the Promotional Bandanna

    Bandannas are an item of clothing that I most associate with Rosie the Riveter, and the amazing work that is done for the Cancer Council for Bandanna Day, but you might be surprised to learn that the history of this simple piece of printed cloth goes back for a few hundred years at the least!


    1. Bandannas: defiance and advertisement in one.
    2. Get creative with custom bandannas.
    3. Promote your brand in style.


    Old School Personalised Bandannas Meant Defiance

    In 1776 Martha Washington (the creator of the original American Flag, and the wife of the great George Washington) met with a printmaker who - despite a ban on printing by the English government-

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