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  1. Customised Socks to Keep Warm this Winter

    I'm sure I'm not the only one starting to feel a bit chilly at night now that we're almost into June. One promotional product that never goes astray this time of year is custom branded socks as you can pop them on before bed or wear them around the house for that added level of warmth we crave this time of year. In fact, socks have become one of the favoured pieces of branded merch for musicians and movie stars the world over. If you've got a message you want people to see this winter, why not try promotional socks to get your design noticed!

    Why Choose Branded Socks?


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  2. Promotional Swag for Virtual Events

    While we're slowly but surely returning to our favourite everyday activities here in Australia, we still have a while to go before the status quo is restored -- even longer for places like the US and the UK, that are still struggling to contain COVID-19. So a trend we're likely to continue seeing for a while is the slew of online "virtual events" that people can participate in from the comfort of their home. And like any other event worth paying attention to, these ones come complete with promotional merchandise!

    Raise Money for Charity, Wear Great Merchandise

    One of the virtual events that stands out is the "I Run 4 Movement" in the US. This organisation lets you sign up to complete a 5km run at your own pace in any location -- whether you do it by walking on

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  3. New Branded Touchless Hygiene Keys

    I think a lot of us are in the same boat regarding touching public spaces and surfaces since the COVID-19 outbreak. I used to press lift buttons with my finger and grab onto doors on public transport without thinking twice. Coronavirus has brought reality back to a lot of us; these surfaces we used to touch aimlessly are actually covered in bacteria, viruses, and other nasties. Luckily we've come across new promotional devices to help us avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily!


    1. Promote hygiene and safety.
    2. Customisable with logo and slogan.
    3. Enhance brand awareness and reputation.


    A New Type of Social Distancing Product

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  4. New Back-to-Work Protection Products

    As states and territories across the country begin relaxing restrictions, many Australians are starting to return to work in their normal office and site locations. However, we aren't "back to normal" yet and we are all going to have to adjust our behaviour based on social distancing and other requirements to ensure COVID-19 doesn't return in a second wave. Thankfully, there are some useful branded social distancing products available from Cubic Promote to help us all return-to-work while still protecting one another's health and wellbeing.

    Social Distancing Items for Australian Workplaces

    When we talk about social distancing products, what do we mean? Simply put, these are items that will aid in social distancing measures

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  5. Wu Tang Branded Hand Sanitiser

    It seems even esteemed 90s rappers, Wu-Tang Clan, are getting in on America's need for affordable hand sanitise. The US has been much harder hit by COVID-19 than Australia and everywhere across North America and Canada has been struggling to release face masks and hand sanitisers to keep up with demand. Wu-Tang Clan has always boasted a large assortment of stylish custom branded merchandise, so when the idea of raising money for those in need with hand sanitiser was floated, RZA and co jumped at the idea.


    1. Wu-Tang Clan supports Ottawa charities with branded products.
    2. Promotional products support causes and improve brand reputation.
    3. Charitable promotions attract new customers.


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  6. Branded Gifts for the Wet Weather

    Today in Sydney the weather is looking pretty dreary and unfortunately during Autumn and Winter, this is all too common across Australia. However, just because it is raining outside doesn't mean you need to forfeit your plans for promotional products or branded gifts. Cubic Promote actually has a diverse range of custom items that not only look great with your logo but suit the wet weather as well!

    Promotional Products for Rainy Days

    The goal with rainy day promotional products is to provide your customers, staff, or event attendees with items that are useful even when the weather outside isn't accomodating. These items feature your custom decoration for brand visibility, but also provide the recipient with a functional

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  7. Back to Work With Promotional Hand Sanitiser

    Australia is taking its tentative first steps towards a return to normal with students scheduled to return to schools across the country and workers slowly beginning to transition back to the office. One of the products that are now essential in every office, school, train station, restaurant, and shop counter is the humble hand sanitiser.

    Cubic Promote has a variety of promotional hand sanitisers options that are affordable and effective, ideal items to help you return to work while reducing transmission opportunities for illnesses.

    Why Choose Bulk Hand Sanitiser?

    The best way to keep our hands clean and free of bacteria, viruses, and germs is to regularly wash them with soap and warm water for a minimum of 20

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  8. New Bulk Protective Sneeze Guards

    Cubic Promote has heard your requests and is introducing a range of products for personal protection that still boast the same levels of quality customisation you've come to expect from our Aussie business. The first product in this range is our easy-to-setup and easy-to-move acrylic sneeze guard or personal protective screen.

    Presenting the Latest Personal Protection Screens by Cubic Promote

    Cubic Promote's innovative personal protection screens provide an excellent solution for preserving a secure and sanitary environment for both clients and employees. These screens are not only fashionable, cost-effective, and adaptable, but they also feature Cubic Promote's bespoke customization, allowing businesses to showcase their message or logo on each protective barrier. Owing to their effortless assembly and transportability, these screens

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  9. Use Marketing Merchandise like Lady Gaga

    With services like Spotify and Apple Music operating on affordable subscription models, fewer fans than ever are buying full albums by individual musicians. One way around this is to utilise custom marketing merchandise in your album launch because fans still love to buy custom branded gear. Lady Gaga, who is releasing her sixth album, has embraced this method exactly and now she's selling combo packs featuring branded swag alongside her record.

    Promoting Your Brand With Custom Products

    Lady Gaga knows her little monsters love branded merchandise so it makes sense that with waning record sales for artists of all genres, she has decided to pair up her latest album

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  10. Popular Branded Novelty Gifts

    It can be tough trying to get your brand to stand out from the crowd, particularly in a world still struggling thanks to the Coronavirus outbreak. However, one shortcut to success that you can employ is the use of a unique or novelty promotional product, one that perhaps isn't typically associated with marketing merchandise. Today we're listing out some of our best-selling unique, customisable gift ideas that Aussie businesses will love.

    Personalised Hair Scrunchies

    One recent trend that has captured the imagination of many businesses around Australia is personalised hair scrunchies. Not only are they an affordable option compared to other merchandise, but their customisation options such as full-colour printing make them stand out from traditional

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