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  1. Fever Screening Cameras from Cubic Promote

    In light of the dramatic escalation of COVID-19 cases in Victoria, the Cubic Promote team has decided to start stocking two affordable fever screening camera devices in addition to promotional PPE items to help Aussies implement thermal body temperature scans in workplaces and public spaces around the country. Since implementing fever screening in our workplace we've dodged two cases of the flu, which could have heavily impacted our staff during this difficult time. For others struggling to protect their business and team, temperature-scanning cameras may be a smart option for your organisation too.


    1. Implement fever screening for workplaces.
    2. Choose the right camera device.
    3. Complement with other safety measures.


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  2. Promotional Mouse Mats Make Reliable Gifts

    The humble mouse mat is a product we often take for granted. Whether we're working in the office or at home, mouse pads allow us to smoothly and safely utilise our computer mice without fuss. Although we're long past using computer mice with rubber balls inside them to get practical use from an optical or laser mouse, it's best to have a smooth, flat surface that is non-reflective; which is where promotional mouse pads come in!


    Customised Mouse Pads for Your Business

    Mouse mats have been around for years and while many optical mice can work on most surfaces, homes and offices continue to utilise personalised mouse mats. Why do mousepads still make such an impact?

    • They provide a consistent surface: Computer mice need a steady, flat
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  3. FREE Embroidery Setup from Cubic Promote

    Need another incentive to get moving on an order of hoodies, sweats, or beanies this winter? Cubic Promote is now offering free embroidery setup on all clothing and headwear from the LegendLife and Stormtech ranges. What does this mean for you? A cheaper deal on wearable promotional apparel and uniforms!

    Discounted Setups for Clothing and Headwear

    Setup costs are a common part of the promotional products industry. It costs a company like Cubic additional material, time and labour to test colours, position garments, and do test runs of designs and setup costs are usually added to the cost of an order to cover these.


    However, thanks to some technology upgrades with our embroidery machines,

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  4. Last Chance for EOFY Merchandise Savings

    We're almost at the end of the financial year (June 30th) which means time is running out to get your orders in for promotional products during our EOFY sale. If you're a business, school, government body, or community group and you need to get some useful items for your staff or clients, Cubic Promote has an unbeatable range of gifts that come with your unique custom branding.

    As the busy end-of-financial

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  5. Why Choose Cubic Promote for Promotional Products?

    There are dozens of promotional merchandise suppliers in Australia, but Cubic Promote remains your best choice because our local Aussie team lives and breathes bulk merchandise. If you want to order giveaway items, gifts for clients/staff, or marketing products for events then you can't go past our extensive range tailored to Australian clientele.


    1. Aussie's top choice for promotions.
    2. Quality products, impeccable branding.
    3. Branded merchandise for brand recognition.


    The Cubic Promote Difference

    Cubic Promote was founded in 2005 to provide

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  6. New in Stock Hand Sanitiser Stands

    As Australians return to the workplace over the next few weeks it is vital that all businesses and community spaces have adequate social distancing and protective measures in place. One important protective measure to have in place is adequate hand sanitiser for those entering and leaving your premises. Luckily Cubic Promote has some affordable, accessible promotional hand sanitisers and stands to help maximise the use of this germ-killing gel in your work environment.

    Promotional Space Available on Sanitiser Stands

    One of the limitations of normal over-the-counter hand sanitiser is that you need to dispense it yourself AND it only comes in smaller sizes. That's why Cubic Promote is so happy to have stock of infrared sanitiser dispensers

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  7. Bizarre Premier League Branded Merchandise

    The majority of sports worldwide have been impacted heavily by the COVID-19 outbreak, with the huge crowds and physical contact between players considered potential triggers for further viral spread. However, thankfully many sports are returning to play -- albeit in a limited capacity. The UK Soccer Premier League is one such sport returning to play behind closed doors (no in-person crowds), which has led the teams in the league to restock their online shops with promotional giveaways fans can enjoy from home.

    Soccer is an

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  8. Face Masks for a Good Cause

    Here in Australia, we're fortunate enough to be reducing our reliance on masks in everyday life as the COVID-19 outbreak comes under control. Elsewhere in the world, people have been less fortunate, with the USA particularly hard hit by the need to wear masks as Coronavirus cases continue to surge. Dunkin', the famous American donut chain, is now offering reusable personalised masks for charity as part of a corporate push for more masks on faces!


    1. Make a sustainable difference.
    2. Customise for style and awareness.
    3. Build loyalty through shared values.


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  9. Branded Gift Ideas for Returning to Work

    Australians are returning to work slowly but surely, which is prompting a lot of our clients to ask after promotional gift packs for those getting back to business. There are a lot of great promotional giveaways available here at Cubic Promote, but before choosing yours it is important to consider what your employees value right now.

    Promotional Products for Security and Wellbeing

    If COVID-19 has taught us anything it is just how valuable our health and safety truly is -- nothing we do at work or in our homes would be possible without wellness. So when your staff return to the office, it is important that they feel reassured of their wellbeing in the work environment

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  10. Tips for Staying Healthy in Post-Coronavirus Australia

    Australia's overall COVID-19 infection numbers have been steadily dropping, and most of us can head back to the gym or visit family members now. However, we mustn't become complacent about hygiene and cleaning best practices at home and in the workplace. Even if we don't get another wave of Coronavirus, everyday colds and flus can still wreak havoc on health and the wellbeing of communities around Australia. Here are a few essential tips and tricks to help maintain the high level of hygiene we've all been practising over recent months.

    Wash Your Hands With Soap and Water

    Wash your hands regularly with soap and warm water. This tip is so simple that we often forget it, but nasty viruses like COVID-19 enter the body when we touch our faces or inhale/ingest

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