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  1. Buy Face Masks from Cubic Promote

    The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends people wear cloth face coverings in public settings such as supermarkets

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  2. Promotional Merchandise for the Last Blockbuster

    30 years ago you couldn't drive far in America, or Australia for that matter, without coming across a Blockbuster Video rental store. Before the age of streaming really took hold, the only way most households could enjoy movies 6+ months after their cinema release (without breaking the bank) was to rent them from a video store. The last Blockbuster chain store in Australia only closed in 2019, but the remaining few locations in the US have been going under fairly quickly since then. Now, there's only one remaining Blockbuster Video in the world and they're using promotional products to help survive the changing media landscape of 2020.

    Logo Emblazoned Video Store Swag

    Bend, Oregon is hardly an internationally recognised US city (it only has a population

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  3. Taylor Swift's Branded Cardigan Success

    Last week saw Taylor Swift drop what is likely to be one of the biggest albums of the year. Although the new album was a surprise release, it has quickly captured the hearts and minds of people across the world. Swift is no stranger to using promotional products to give her releases an edge, but with the music video for the song 'cardigan' she's managed to take her marketing to a whole new level.


    1. Swift's cardigan boosts sales, connects fans.
    2. Branded merchandise amplifies online presence.
    3. Cross-promotion drives engagement.


    Featuring Merchandise in a Music Video

    Tay-Tay's fanbase covers a lot of demographics but undoubtedly

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  4. Promotional Street Gear from IKEA

    IKEA is one of the biggest companies in the world with its uniquely Swedish stores featuring easy-to-assemble kit furniture and other affordable goodies. People everywhere love IKEA including here in Australia, with most metro-based Aussies having at least one item of IKEA furniture in their homes. However, IKEA has shied away from joining the ranks of companies launching their own range of fashionable custom merchandise -- until now.


    1. Increase brand visibility with merch.
    2. Consistency in branding is key.
    3. Diversification of revenue streams.


    IKEA Branded Swag

    Dubbed the EFTERTRÄDA range, the upcoming launch of promotional clothing and accessories

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  5. US County's Face Mask Campaign

    Florida is one of the US states hardest hit by COVID-19, due in part to its older population that has found it difficult to adjust to the local mask mandate. To help boost the number of people wearing masks to stop the spread, Florida's Palm Springs County decided to produce quality bulk promotional face masks for all of its residents and the campaign is proving to be a great success.


    1. Promote your brand with face masks.
    2. Choose from disposable or reusable.
    3. Show care for employees/customers.


    Promotional Gifts for The Community

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  6. Dunkaroos Return With Branded Swag

    Here in Australia, the humble Dunakroo snack remains a fixture in the snack aisle and in school lunchboxes across the country. However, in America, their local version of the biscuit-and-sweet-dip treats was discontinued in 2012 -- crushing the hearts of 90s kids everywhere. One of the few pieces of good news in 2020 so far has been the announcement that Americans are getting Dunakroos back and they're coming back in style!

    Promotional Merchandise Product Launch Tie-In

    While the Dunkaroos biscuit and dip snacks remain largely unchanged in their revived form, having so many years elapsed since the products were in their heyday has meant that the marketing for the items has had to evolve. A lot of the kids who grew up enjoying the treat are now adults

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  7. Everyday Promotional Essentials in 2020

    A lot of things have changed for us all so far during 2020. Up until the bushfires over the summer holiday period most Aussies hadn't given much thought to wearing a mask, now due to COVID-19 they're mandatory in some parts of Victoria.


    Keeping this in mind, the Cubic Promote team has put together a list of top-selling custom PPEs that are now considered important everyday items for staff and clients in countless industries.

    Corporate Gifts That Aussies Need Right Now

    So you want to reward hardworking staff or give welcoming gifts to your new clients, but you don't know where to start during such a difficult time. Don't worry, Cubic Promote has

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  8. How to Wash Reusable Face Masks

    With face coverings becoming mandatory in Melbourne's lockdown areas this week, we've seen a marked increase in the number of locals seeking information on the protective face masks we have available. One of the most common questions we get is how exactly to wash the masks after use, so today we've put together a straightforward guide to washing your reusable masks that may just come in handy.

    Cleaning Your Personal Face Coverings

    The cotton reusable face masks that we sell here at Cubic Promote are suitable for both machine and hand washing. Those looking to pop their masks into the washing machine with their other washables at the end of the day will be pleased to hear that you can do that fine, no additional steps are required. A warm machine

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  9. Important Things to Know About Hand Sanitiser

    Are you one of the millions of Aussies looking to stock up on hand sanitiser for your home, workplace, or community? Here at Cubic Promote, we have a wide range of hand sanitiser available that we will brand with your custom logo. But more than that, we've been selling hand sanitiser for 15 years so we know enough about the product to provide you with some important details to help you make informed choices when purchasing this essential personal care item.

    Alcohol Content is Important

    Alcohol is the active germ-killing ingredient in most promotional hand sanitisers because it is an effective antiseptic

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  10. 5 Unique Work From Home Logo Gifts

    Still got some of your team working from home, or are thinking of having your staff resume some WFH duties? Cubic Promote has your back with a wide range of work-from-home gift packs available. But what if you want something a little bit different from the norm? Don't worry, on today's blog we're taking a look at 5 unique promotional work from home gift ideas!




    5) Logo Branded USB Connector Hubs

    There's nothing worse than when you're working from home and discover you

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