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  1. The Rolling Stones Promotional Merchandise

    The Rolling Stones have been actively rocking around the world since their formation in 1962. One of the true lifetime achievers in the Grammy hall of fame, the band is known as much for their branding as for their classic music. The group recently decided to take this to another level by opening a fashion store in London's Carnaby St where fans can purchase all manner of stylish and exclusive promotional merchandise.

    Why are Old Logos Popular on New Swag?

    Old band logos are a real hit when it comes to up-to-date branded merch. Wearers can instantly bring out their individual style with nostalgic symbols that we all know and love - whether those designs come from the 60s, 70s or 80s! Celebrating classic music and creating such a memorable look

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  2. Back to School 2021 Promo Gifts

    Can you believe the summer holidays are already coming to an end and students across Australia are beginning to head back to school. No? Neither can we, but it's true! That's why today we're looking at all the hot promotional products like promotional notebooks, pens, drink bottles, and more, ideal for Aussie primary schools, high schools, TAFEs, and universities about to begin another semester.


    Promotional Products for Schools

    It is important for schools and other educational institutes to present a cohesive and empowering image to the community. One way to achieve this, particularly during orientation weeks at the start of the year, is through promotional products. Your school emblem will

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  3. 2021 Promotional Home Gym Essentials

    Many of us vowed to get fit while in lockdown last year, not to mention those who have set their 2021 New Years' Resolutions in the hopes of getting in top condition. Fitness is still something that is on the minds of most Aussies, which means 2021 is likely to be another big year for promotional items that can be used as home gym must-haves!

    Tips When Picking The RIGHT Fitness Gifts

    When selecting fitness gifts for yourself or

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  4. More Promotional Swag from Arizona Iced Tea

    This time last year we checked out some impressive promotional swag from Arizona Iced Tea. The brand, which you can spot as an import in convenience stores and major supermarkets across Australia, has continued introducing colourful merchandise to its online store so we figured we'd look at more highlights from their range a year on!

    Logo Decorated Retro Merchandise

    The Arizona Iced Tea brand has continued to embrace its vibrant, 80s/90s look despite COVID-19 putting a dampener on the mood in the United States during 2020. Part of what we love about the branded merchandise they sell is that it embraces the kitschy look

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  5. Why Choose Mixed Promotional Lollies

    One of our most popular options for office parties and corporate events are humble promotional gummy lollies. Candies tend to go down well for almost all ages, professions, and industries because, well, who doesn't like lollies? But with so many options around for custom snacks these days, why do people still prefer mixed lollies? We think there are a few reasons...

    A Tasty Treat For Everybody

    The obvious advantage to mixed lollies, above things like branded packs of mints, is that they provide an assortment of different promotional chocolates &

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  6. Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Promotional Gifts

    Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream is a treat we've only been able to enjoy here in Australia in recent years. The brand originated in America, where it built up a cult following before breaking the international market. A few years back, US ice cream fans got a treat in the form of ice cream branded merchandise from the company. Finally, it's Australia's turn and we've found a couple of their fun treats on local shelves.

    Aromatic Custom Gift Ideas

    What sets these Ben & Jerry's items apart is that they're scented and flavoured like the brand's famous ice creams. Available both here and overseas you can find promotional lip balms and custom printed

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  7. Top Branded Gifts for Employees in 2021

    We're halfway through January and already we're seeing businesses across Australia enquiring about organising employee gifts and rewards. When you select promotional products to reward your employees with, you're boosting not just the manager-employee relationship, but the employees' perception of the brand. However, selecting gifts for your staff can be a difficult process as there's a lot of options available! That's why today on the Cubic Promote blog we're looking at our top picks for employee gifts this year.


    1. Boost relationships with branded gifts.
    2. Choose gifts based on employee needs.
    3. Personalisation enhances brand association.



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  8. Modern GQ Logo Branded Merchandise

    GQ Magazine (aka Gentlemen's Quarterly) is a men's magazine that has been covering style, culture, and fashion for men since the 1930s. Originally an American production, there's international versions of GQ all over the world, including GQ Australia. You'd think that a style magazine with an illustrious pedigree might be a little outdated and stuffy when it comes to their own promotional merchandise, but GQ's online store is a treasure trove of unique gear that blends streetwear with runaway looks flawlessly. Let's check it out below.

    Overview of GQ Magazine and its Promotional Merchandise

    The premium quality, stylish, and sophisticated content of GQ Magazine has earned it a reputation. The magazine offers an exciting collection of promotional merchandise to improve brand image and recognition, complementing their engaging articles. Their product range includes custom accessories and branded

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  9. Burger King's Refreshing Logo Rebrand

    Logos are a vital part of everyday activity here at Cubic Promote, whether we're branding them on promotional giveaways or helping to design them so that a client's message stands out, our team knows the power of a good logo. So it shouldn't come as a shock that our office was abuzz when we learned about Burger King's revitalisation of its corporate branding. Is a logo refresh that exciting? This time, we think so!

    Logo Identity for Packaging and Uniforms

    It might come as a shock to learn that Burger King, the US fast-food chain known for its takeaway meals, hasn't rebranded for over 20 years. For many big-name brands a logo refresh is common every 5-ish  years, so for

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  10. New Year Promotional Products 2021

    The Cubic Promote team is back in the office for another year and we're already preparing for one of the biggest (socially distanced) events in February, Lunar New Year! Often called Spring Festival or simply "Chinese New Year" this event celebrates the beginning of the new year per the traditional lunar calendar. Lunar New Year celebrations are popular not just in the Aussie Chinese community, but across a variety of other cultures as well. Learn more about the event and its best-selling promotional Chinese New Year items below.


    1. Promote your brand with Lunar New Year items.
    2. Choose red envelopes, hand fans, fortune cookies, etc.
    3. Enhance gifts with customised packaging.


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