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  1. Weird Custom Scented Brand Shoelaces

    Oscar Mayer is a well-known processed meat company founded in the US back in the late 1800s by a German-American immigrant, Oscar F. Mayer. Over the years the business has flourished to become one of the most famous meat suppliers in the US, in no small part due to their quirky marketing (including "Wienermobile" vehicles that look like giant hot dogs). This month they've added a new promotional items to the range that's equally as quirky, check it out below.

    Unique Promotional Shoe Accessories

    To coincide with the re-release of a previous piece of promotional swag, the Nike collab Air Max Bacon shoes, Oscar Mayer decided to help make 1500 people's lives a little bit more magical by giving

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  2. New Branded Merchandise for April

    Following on from last week's post about the newest promotional items available, we've been adding some new goodies to the Cubic Promote range. If you'd like to see what's hot for the month of April, check out our newest product additions below.


    Promotional Glass Coffee Cups

    The weather is starting to cool down and more Aussies are enjoying a warm cup of coffee or tea to start their day. Promote your next event or simply your internal corporate message with our new Deluxe Logo Decorated Glass Coffee Cups. Each cup holds 230mls of liquid making it ideal for use at home, in the office, or for use in a dining facility. These cups are manufactured using BPA-free borosilicate glass and with the double-walling featured, hold

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  3. Why Choose Promotional Tea?

    Tea is an impressive drink that has reached every corner of the globe, so it probably won't surprise you to know that tea is the second most popular drink in the world* with only water outranking it. Tea can come in all sorts of flavours and has prices to suit every budget, which also makes it a very appealing option when it comes to promotional products for your next conference or campaign!

    Bulk Branded Varie-TEA!

    Here at Cubic Promote we have access to a huge number of natural teas that range in flavour from your standard black or earl grey through to green, chai, peppermint, and other unique organic blends. If you have customers hoping to avoid caffeine, we have teas that suit! If you

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  4. Branded Gifts for Cereal Lovers

    When it comes to cereal brands known around the world, you can't really beat the name Kellogg's. In the US they release Frosted Flakes, Pop-Tarts, and Rice Krispies. Here we recognise Froot Loops, Rice Bubbles, and Frosties. While a lot of what we have in Australia is similar to America, one of the things we don't have is a promotional swag store featuring cereal-branded products. Today we're looking at what we're missing out on!

    Promoting Your Food Brand

    Breakfast cereal is the type of product consumers grow up enjoying and often feel nostalgic about as they get older. The Kellogg's online store capitalises on this with a range of promotional items that tap into customer nostalgia without forgetting to be modern and reflect current needs. If you also have a food brand or any shop that requires merchandise, this is a good case study

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  5. New Promotional Products

    Twice yearly APPA, the Australasian Promotional Products Association, holds a roadshow to showcase all the exciting new promotional gifts making their debut on the Australian market. The Cubic Promote team were proud to attend today, as we do regularly, to check out what cool new items we can add to our range and share with our customers. Excited to see some new products? Check them out below!

    Exciting Changes to Old Merchandise

    One of the themes we noticed this year was a lot of common products such as promotional ceramic mugs and drink bottles, only with new and improved decoration or more modern stylings. Like these gorgeous ceramic mugs with logo branding:

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  6. How to Order Promotional Products

    Never ordered promotional products for your organisation before? It can be a daunting experience trying to figure out exactly what items you want and how you want them branded. However, with the help of an experienced team (like the one here at Cubic Promote) ordering your custom marketing merchandise can be a breeze.

    What Do You Want to Achieve?

    Consider the purpose behind your marketing merchandise. Do you want to provide small rewards for customers with a purchase? Or are you hoping to increase brand awareness with swag sold at events? Perhaps you're looking to outfit your staff with new uniforms and equipment featuring your logo design?


    It is important to have an idea in mind about what you'd

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  7. Wet Weather = Promotional Umbrellas

    If you're anywhere on the east coast of Australia this week, you don't need me to tell you that the wet weather can be a real bummer. When it pours rain it can be hard to get your marketing message noticed through standard means, which is where promotional umbrellas come in.

    Logo Branding on Umbrellas

    Umbrellas, whether they're compact and folding or broad golf umbrellas, offer large panels for us to add your custom logo branding. While obviously, you can choose to decorate all sorts of promotional products with your logo depending on the situation, a lot of smaller objects

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  8. Logo Branded Beanies for Cold Weather

    The temperature has started dropping and rain is on the radar which means it's time to start thinking about investing in promotional products suited to the cooler weather. Cubic Promote has a large range of customisable beanies that compliment work uniforms, event gift packs, and marketing campaigns for all kinds of industries. Learn more about our beanies below!

    Why Choose Promotional Beanies?

    Promotional beanies really come into their own around this time of year when the mornings start getting chilly and people from all walks of life feel the need to start keeping themselves warm. What makes beanies such a fantastic choice when it comes to marketing your organisation is that they offer large branding areas in a prime position (directly

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  9. 2021 Grammys Custom Gift Bags

    Every year the Grammys highlight some of the best musicians over the past year from a variety of genres. In 2021, even with the difficulties associated with the COVID-19 outbreak, the awards have managed to go ahead with some of the industry's top stars in attendance. One of the things we like to examine each year is the promotional gift bags they give out to attendees at the ceremony. Learn more about this year's bag below!

    Promotional Gifts Fit for the Stars

    The Grammys gift bag is always one of the top picks of Hollywood event gift bags and this year is no exception. In 2021, the team behind the gift bags has decided to focus on representing products from BIPOC-owned businesses so there's a significant number of items in the bags that will

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  10. Funky Branded Promotional Slippers

    KFC is no stranger to getting a brand boost from customised footwear, after all they came up with a Crocs x KFC merchandise collaboration a while back! In March of 2021 however, it is KFC Canada taking the lead with a new promotional product that's heating up social media and winning fans across the globe. Logo-branded KFC slippers.

    Customised Lounge Wear for Sports Fans

    Canada, like the rest of North America, is still struggling to get on top of the COVID-19 outbreak so many average Canadians are spending their days at home. Unfortunately, that means even sports games can only be enjoyed from the couch at the moment, which is where KFC's latest merch drop comes in. The new #bucketdrop campaign targets sporty sneakerheads that are stuck watching the basketball from home

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