Monthly Archives: November 2022

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  1. Promotional Bottled Water made from Sugar Cane

    Group Image of Sugar Cane Based Bottles With Printing

    One of the new products coming to Cubic Promote over the next few weeks is a range of unique promotional drink bottles that are manufactured locally and considerately composed to make a lower impact on the environment than traditional reusable bottles. Interested? I'll bet you are; who doesn't want more options for products that allow us to work with the planet rather than against it?

    OK, maybe we aren't at this point yet, but I can dream.

    Purified Water in SugarCane Bottles

    Bottled water with a difference.

    1) The bottle is made from Sugarcane (not plastic)

    2) The bottle is intended for reuse

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  2. The Return of Promotional Stickers

    A group of bright kitty cat mutant stickers

    If you're old enough to be a kid of the 1980's or 1990's you likely remember the trend of collectable stickers that kids, youths, and teens collected, swapped, and shared. Like many older trends, it went out of fashion and devolved into being a bit cringe at the start of the new century. Still, just like bold patterns and chunky earrings, promotional stickers are back in style and, frankly, more popular than ever.

    Let me channel my inner Mabel & talk to you about STICKERS!

    What makes stickers such a popular choice in the modern era? Based on our customers' experiences, promotional stickers offer people a way to customise their everyday

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  3. Preparing Branded Gifts for Lunar New Year 2023

    Red Paper Lantern in the Street

    Now is a fantastic time to start organising your promotional gifts for 2023's Lunar New Year celebrations. Yes, it's only November 2022, but once you factor in Christmas and New Year breaks by the time you're back in the office next year, it'll be time to start handing out your Chinese New Year promotional items!

    But if you've never done any promotions around this holiday period, knowing exactly where to start and what works as an appropriate gift can be challenging. That's why today, on the Cubic Promote blog, we'll give you all the tips you need to organise a fantastic Lunar New Year promotion, no matter your industry or event!

    What is Chinese New Year aka: Lunar New Year?

    Lunar New Year is

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  4. Custom Gifts for Active Australians

    Young athlete with branded sports visor

    Here on the east coast, we've been hitting temperatures of 30 and beyond, which means spring is not only in full swing, but summer is just around the corner. After an autumn and winter full of COVID, the flu, and nasty weather, it's time for Aussies to start coming out of their shells and enjoying the great outdoors again.

    Me, the moment I have to start experiencing the outside world again.

    If you're managing staff members or customers that hope to improve their activity levels, whether over the weekend, during daily commutes, or during their lunch breaks, then Cubic Promote has some industry-best promotional giveaways to help lift moods and make physical activity (somewhat) appealing again.

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