Sunscreen is everyone’s skincare savior. Whether you go out or stay home, you need sunscreen. But how do you even apply sunscreen? Do you just put it randomly on your face? That won’t do. How you use it makes much of a difference.

Think of the sun's harmful rays trying to creep into your skin – unhealthy, right? Without protection, your skin can lead to sunburns, irritation, and even skin cancer. Here are seven easy ways to apply your sunscreen. 

Proper Sunscreen Application Matters

Sunscreen is something you shouldn’t miss in your skincare routine. It protects you from harmful rays. It works better with the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) and the right ingredients. It’s never too late to fix your habits and aim for better protection. No matter what season, pt for optimal sunscreen application. 

Seven Tips for Sunscreen Application

Tip # 1: Get the Right Sunscreen

If you want a good skin condition, get sunscreen with SPF. The higher the SPF number, the more protection it has. Moreover, check if it has a “broad-spectrum” label. This acts as a defense against radiation.

Tip # 2: Apply a Huge Amount

Sunscreen can be expensive, but it’s worth an investment. We encourage you to apply sunscreen generously. The right amount of sunscreen application is about a shot glass in total. Using less than this amount is not as effective. Apply generously on your ears, the back of your neck, and the tops of your feet. This is aside from the usual face and front side of the neck. 

Tip # 3: Apply Several Times a Day

Before leaving your house, apply sunscreen 15 to 30 minutes before. This is to make sure that it’s absorbed well by your skin. When it comes to intervals, use after every two hours. What if it’s water-resistant? They can still lose their benefits, so reapplication is a must. 

Tip # 4: Apply Everywhere

We make most applications from our face down to our neck, but other areas need protection—for instance, our scalp, lips, and even the back of our knees. Maybe use a mirror or ask for assistance to reach places you can’t. A lip balm with SPF 15 can do. 

Tip # 5: Be Careful

Speaking of skincare routine, you must be careful when combining sunscreen with other products. A dermatologist can help you pick out the right ones. You can protect your skin and make sure that it’s as good as it can get.

Tip # 6: Refrain Bad Habits

Another tip about reapplication: please use your sunscreens properly. Don’t forget to apply generously, reapply after a few hours, and don’t use an expired product. It might cause more harm if you don’t avoid these habits.

Tip # 7: Apply All Throughout

Who says sunscreen is only when it gets too sunny outside? Sunscreen is applied even during the winter. No one wants flaky and dry skin. Adjust your routine for the specific season. If it’s colder, lessen the amount. Let’s try to maintain a healthier skin. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I choose the right sunscreen for my skin?

Shop for a sunscreen that has an SPF number of 30 and up. Also, look for ingredients that can moisturize, are water resistant, and are lightweight. 

2. How much sunscreen should I apply?

A shot glass or about an ounce is the most preferred application. Be generous to your skin and apply the right amount of protection. 

3. When should I apply sunscreen?

Apply 15-30 minutes before leaving the house. Let it absorb and seep into your skin. After every two hours, reapply. 

4. What other areas can I apply my sunscreen?

Other areas include your ears, the back of your neck, your hands, and your feet. 

5. Can I use sunscreen with other products?

Consult your dermatologist and ask them about it. They usually tell you what to use and what not to use. 

In Conclusion

Your skin is such a huge confidence boost. It takes a whole lot of your body, and that’s why protecting it matters most. Remember to apply consistently and use the tips above for healthy-looking skin.