We get heaps of request for custom printed tennis balls, especially when one of the major tournaments are on such as Wimbledon, Australian Open, French Open and the US open.  However the humble tennis ball has some great uses other than simply being hit with a racket.  Here are 8 alternate tennis ball uses.

1)  Use them to save forest critters - Small animals can use the inside of a tennis ball that is opened up as a home to live in and to breed.

2)  Remedy for snoring.  Rolling onto your back increases the chances of snoring.  Therefore fix these on the back of your pajamas with some sticky tape so that will not roll over in the middle of the night.

3)  Use tennis balls to remove dust and to clean scuff marks from hardwood and vinyl surfaces.  The fibers on those fluro balls are amazing at scrubbing.

4)  For your laundry.  Use a tennis ball inside your clothes dryer when you need to dry products such as towels, pillows and blankets.  The balls will stop wet fabrics from sticking together.

5)  Low cost physio treatment.  Use a ball to roll on tight muscles as well as aches and pains.  It also works wonders when recovering from injuries too.  For example if you are recovering from achilles heal injury or surgery then you can use a tennis ball to roll your foot whilst you are seated.

6)  As a gardening tool.  Apparently slugs love beer.  You can use this to your advantage by creating slug traps in your garden to trap them using hollowed out tennis balls soaked in beer

7)  Handball of course!  Need I say more

8)  Use tennis balls on the end of Tow bar caps!

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Article inspired by post initially seen on:  http://www.mentalfloss.com/