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  1. Promotional Sunglasses, It's Now or Never!

    Maximising Promotional Impact with Sunglasses During the Sunnier Months

    As the warmer months approach, the popularity of promotional sunglasses soars, making them an ideal choice for enhancing brand visibility. The spring and summer seasons are perfect for incorporating sunglasses into marketing strategies due to their practicality and high visibility. If you are looking for a fresh, impactful product for your organization's promotional efforts, sunglasses provide a stylish and functional solution that resonates well with outdoor activities and sunny days. This makes them a superb promotional tool that not only serves a practical purpose but also keeps your brand in the public eye during these vibrant months.

    The Party Season Continues

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  2. Awesome Promotional Items by KFC

    One of the most iconic images that come to mind when you think of Christmas is the classic ‘Chestnuts Roasting by the Open Fire’. The smell of the smoke and the taste of a freshly cooked chestnut evoke a sense of nostalgia, even if you are eating it for the very first time. However, what if you don’t like chestnuts? Well, the marketing geniuses at KFC have come out with a new promotional idea; the KFC 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog.

    • KFC Firelog adds to brand appeal.
    • Popularity from taste, variety, consistency, affordability, advertising, nostalgia.
    • Find niche, fit business, innovate with promotions.

    In a stroke of madness, this simple

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  3. Trending Promotional Products in Australia

    Promotional Laptop and Power Bank

    Are you looking for an effective way to spread the word about your business? Look no further - promotional products are the answer! Whether you're a local business down under or an online brand aiming for global reach, customised promo items provide the perfect platform to get your message out there. Plus, the inherent appeal of personalised swag means every potential customer remembers you. So what’s trending in Australia right now? Today on the Cubic Promote blog let's explore how local businesses can up their visibility with just a few simple key products.

    Promotional T-Shirts

    Custom printed t-shirts are always a hit and there’s never a wrong time to give them away as customer gifts or wearables at expos and tradeshows. Nowadays, even small businesses can affordfully order large quantities of high quality printed t-shirts without

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  4. Custom Floor Mats, Innovation at Your Feet

    Custom Branded Mats

    One of the unsung heroes of the promotional items world is the humble custom floor mat. Although floor mats aren't the first item that tends to spring to mind when we typically think of branded merchandise, countless Australian businesses and events use custom printed floor mats and runners to enhance their brand presence and overall aesthetic. So today, on the Cubic Promote blog, we thought we'd talk about the value of branded floor mats and their usage in Australia.

    What is a Custom Floor Mat?

    A custom floor mat is a fabric covering which features a unique design, usually with an anti-slip backing, that people can place on floors to protect surfaces and prevent slips or trips. Custom

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  5. Promotional Product Specials March 2022

    Promotional Product Specials March 2022

    After some bargains at the start of Autumn? You're in luck, Cubic Promote has a couple of great discounts on some of our best-selling promotional gifts between now and March 14th 2022. Check them out below.


    1. Get discounts on promotional gifts.
    2. Offer giveaways, discounts, and sponsorships.
    3. Utilise timely, event-specific merchandise.


    Autumn Promotional Gift Ideas

    Personalised Acacia Wine Holders

    If you have staff members returning to the office or loyal consumers that you're keen to reward, you'll love our Personalised Acacia Wine Holders. Each wine holder is manufactured from quality acacia wood and features grooves cut out to hold two wine glass

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  6. Why Choose Custom Bamboo Gifts?

    There has been a marked increase in the availability of promotional eco-friendly gifts made from bamboo materials in recent years. Why is bamboo so popular with Australian consumers? Well, there are a few reasons and today we're going to cover a few of them on the Cubic Promote blog.

    Bamboo as a Popular Product Material

    Bamboo is a type of fast-growing, evergreen grass plant that has been cultivated across Asia for thousands of years. Because bamboo can be used on degraded lands it makes effective use of farming areas around the globe that might otherwise useless for standard crops. Bamboo plants also absorb between 100-400 tonnes of carbon

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  7. Classic Logo Branded Krispy Kreme Merchandise

    We've discussed the featured merchandise over on the US Krispy Kreme webstore on Cubic before, but today we thought we'd check out what makes their range of "Classic" promotional swag so, well, classic. It turns out that not only can the donut cafe chain sell inspired limited edition products, their traditional gear is also highly inspirational.

    Customised Products from a Popular Cafe Chain

    Krispy Kreme has a wide

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  8. Mid-Month Customised Gift Specials

    Struggling to come up with a corporate gift idea for your staff or customers? Never fear, the team at Cubic Promote have some mid-February discounts available on best-selling promotional items. With our mid-month special, you can get customised gifts that are sure to make a lasting impression.

    Why Choose Cubic Promote's Mid-Month Specials

    Cubic Promote's Mid-Month Specials are the perfect solution for those in need of high-quality promotional products at an affordable price point. With a wide range of products available, including apparel, drinkware, and tech accessories, it's easy to find the right item for any marketing campaign. Plus, with Cubic Promote's reputation for excellent customer service and speedy delivery, you can be confident that your promo products will arrive on

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  9. Tillamook Promotional Cheese Merchandise

    Tillamook is a US dairy association in Oregon that is well-known for its milk-based products, including cheese. Its most recent merchandise collection launch has been turning heads because it's a capsule collection with a difference and that difference is, well, it's extremely cheese-oriented custom merchandise!

    Unique Custom Gifts

    Tillamook isn't new to the promotional product game (in fact last year they made headlines with tie-dyed cheese-themed custom branded jumpers), but every year they seem to top previous collections by thinking outside the box. Sometimes the key to getting your brand noticed isn't having slogans and logos all over your merchandise,

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  10. Logo Branded KFC UK Merchandise

    We've looked at a lot of North American fast food merchandise, but this week we're checking out what's on offer in the UK. KFC's current assortment of online promo items in the UK offer nostalgic old-school designs on current fashion, making them a great example of how to make simple designs still extremely effective on branded clothing.

    Simple Designs, Powerful Products

    Let's be real, there's is a lot of competition at the moment between restaurant brands, all striving to become the swag-provider-of-choice to everyday consumers. While KFC UK doesn't offer much different from the local or even US iterations of the fried chicken restaurant, its advantage may well be

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