The days are heating up and as we saw with the long weekend, Aussies are keen to get back to the beach. That's why Cubic Promote has worked hard to boost our stock of promotional beach towels just in time for the summer rush. Learn more below!

promotional beach towels in navy blue/white and red/white

Promote Your Organisation With Towels

Australia is a country that loves water. Whether we're at the beach, by the pool, or simply mucking around under the garden hose, Aussies appreciate keeping cool in summer. That's why at around October every year we see a strong uptick in the number of businesses, schools, and community groups inquiring after our beach towels.


Cubic Promote strives to offer a diverse range of beach towel styles, colours, and decoration options right here in Australia. So don't wait for months on end to secure your custom decorated beach towels, get in touch with the Cubic Promote team and get your towels fast!

  round branded beach towel

Why Choose Branded Beach Towels?

Beach towels make fantastic promotional gifts or pieces of marketing merchandise because they are high-value items that recipients will use for a long time. Beach towels can be washed after each use and used again with very little wear and tear. Another great thing about beach towels is they are large products, offering a huge potential branding area for organisations that really want to get their logo noticed.

Branded beach towels offer a range of benefits. First, branded towels can provide comfort and convenience for a relaxing day by the pool or seaside. Second, they can serve as an effective way to ensure quality when selecting a towel brands are often well-known and trusted for their commitment to producing high-quality products. Third, branded towels tend to last longer than generic ones due to the materials used in the production process.

coloured promotional beach towels

Finally, these items have become fashion statements over time making them great accessories when out at sea or sunbathing on the sand. When it is time to purchase a towel for use during activities near or in water, choosing one with branding may be beneficial as it combines function and style that will make ones experience more enjoyable while providing peace of mind knowing they will get great value out of their purchase.


Cubic Promote also has an assortment of towel colours to match most brands and if there isn't a stocked colour that meets your needs, we can sublimate a towel in your PMS-matched branding colour for you. Talk about convenient!

beach towel purple beach towel sublimated

What Kinds of Towels are Available?

Cubic Promote's most popular summer towels include the following:

  • Standard Promotional Beach Towels
  • Kids Hooded Beach Towels
  • Adults Logo Branded Hoodie Beach Towels
  • Round Logo Printed Towels
  • Bulk Sublimated Full Colour Towels
  • and more!

No matter what kind of beach or poolside accessory you're after, Cubic Promote can help. All our promotional gifts come with your unique custom branding and are perfect for giving your business a marketing boost after a tough 2020.