Branded Corporate Gifts Ideas

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  1. Choosing Unique Corporate Christmas Gifts in 2023

    The festive season is a time of cheer, reflection, and gratitude, and what better way to express appreciation for your team's year-long efforts than with thoughtful corporate Christmas gifts? As we approach this joyous time, companies are on the lookout for the perfect Christmas promotional merchandise to show their employees they are valued members of the organisation. Here's a guide to selecting memorable and impactful gifts that will not only resonate with your staff but also reinforce your brand's message.

    The Importance of Choosing the Right Christmas Promotional Products

    The holiday season presents a unique opportunity for companies to reflect on the year's achievements and to show appreciation for those who have contributed to their success. In this light, selecting the right

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  2. Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees & Clients In 2023

    Custom Corporate Gifts

    In today’s modern business world, constructing and nurturing client, partner and employee relationships is critical to achieve business success. One proven way to establish these crucial networks is through customised corporate gifts. The days of generic gifting are long outdated and today, personalised merchandise is all the rage. Ranging from personalised towels to notebooks and diaries, custom coffee mugs, and corporate gift baskets, the possibilities for custom corporate gifts are limitless. Throughout this article we will navigate the strong influence that these personalised touches can have, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

    The Importance of Corporate Gifts

    Personalised gifts possess power beyond

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  3. Back in the Office With Personalised Mugs

    branded ceramic mug office

    One of the best things about returning to the office for me has to be enjoying fresh coffee rather than the sad instant stuff I have at home. Help welcome back your team in style with a set of custom branded mugs for use in the office today!

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  4. Pizza Hut Logo Branded Holiday Items


    We've posted a lot of blog entries lately about fast food chains and their latest merchandise drops because we're well and truly into the Christmas merchandise season. A lot of brands launch seasonal capsule collections at the end of November, which means we've got a lot of great inspiration to go through during this time of year. The latest merch range is from classic fast food restaurant, Pizza Hut.

    Promotional Gifts With a Classic Logo

    Pizza Hut has opted for a small range of high-quality products featuring their classic logo branding to help ring in the holiday season for 2021. A lot of large chains are releasing pages and pages of different products, but Pizza Hut has seemingly opted for a small range that puts emphasis on what is important to customers

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  5. Blog Exclusive Custom Flashdrive Discount


    Well Sydney might be in lockdown for at least 4-weeks longer, but that doesn't mean we don't have any deals left here at Cubic Promote! From July 28th until August 11th 2921 we're going to be offering a special bonus deal for our blog readers on locally stocked promotional USB flash drives.

    The Popularity of USB as Promotional Giveaways

    USB drives are a popular promotional giveaway

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  6. Customised Bulk Umbrellas

    If you're on the east coast at the moment not only do you have to worry about lock down in some places, but for those allowed to enjoy regular outdoor activity it seems like the weekend is shaping up to be rainy and cold. Here at Cubic Promote we stock a huge assortment of promotional casual umbrellas that we can decorate with your business, team, or school logo perfect for the next time your local area is hit with a downpour!

    Why Choose Promotional Umbrellas?

    Whether it's those icy cold rain showers in winter or those humid summer storms, here in Australia we get enough rain over the year to justify owning a decent umbrella. That's why organisations as diverse

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  7. Customised Work-from-Home Packs

    Is your business one of the countless Aussie companies impacted by a COVID lockdown? If your team is stuck working remotely over the next couple of weeks, why not make the experience a little less lonely for your staff by providing them with promotional working from home gift packs!

    Why Promotional At-Home Gift Packs?

    By sending promotional gifts directly to

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  8. Why Shop Bulk Merchandise for EOFY

    June 30th is the end of the financial year here in Australia which means a lot of businesses and government departments have allocated budgets that need to be used before this annual deadline. EOFY promotional products are a fantastic way to utilise money during tax time as, once purchased, your items can be stored and used at any time. But that isn't the only reason to take advantage of custom swag during end of financial year!


    1. Boost your brand visibility.
    2. Maximise your budget.
    3. Long-lasting advertising.


    Promotional Products Are Extremely Useful

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  9. Budget Corporate Christmas Gifts

    If you're a small business or a business working to recover from lockdown this year, holiday gifts for staff and clients may not have the same budget as usual. However, that doesn't mean you can't give meaningful rewards to your loyal team. Here at Cubic Promote, we've put together an assortment of tips and tricks to getting the most out of promotional gifts on a limited budget these holidays.


    • Choose useful, personalised promotional products.
    • Gift packs provide more value.
    • Plan shipping and delivery in advance.


    Promotional Products Should be Useful

    While it might be fun to get novelty gifts that will wow your recipients

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  10. Top Picks for Promotional Spring Carnival Gifts

    Today is Melbourne Cup day featuring a whole lot of horse racing, including the famed 'race that stops the nation.' But for Aussies who have been in lockdown on and off during 2020 the celebrations are expected to go on for weeks as a variety of spring carnival racing events (and other activities) are held. What kind of promotional products suit events being held in November? We've got some of our top picks for the spring carnival season that may just be perfect for your next event!

    Personalised Stubby Coolers

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