Now this has got to be one of the most fun posts we have done in a while. This is the Chanel runway show in the Paris Fashion Week and is touted as perhaps one of the most creative catwalk show ever. Which is mighty impressive considering some of the crazy over the top antics that some of these shows tend to creatively come up with. The Chanel brand is one of the most expensive in the world. They have bags upwards starting from $5000 and perfumes from $4200.


  1. Engage with unique brand experiences.
  2. Encourage creative product branding.
  3. Promote eco-friendly merchandise options.

Chanel's Merchandise

The show was themed around a supermarket and was set underneath an amazing glass ceiling inside the Grand Palais in Paris (the Grand Palais is a historic exhibition hall and museum). The designer in charge is the eccentric Karl Lagerfeld. The idea was absolutely amazing. An entire supermarket was created and featured everything from trolleys as well as:

- Branded Soup Tins
- Vegetables
- Branded First Aid Kits
- Branded Tea Packs
- Promotional Bottles of Water
- Branded Coffee Cans
- Branded doormats in the hardware section

chanel supermarket 6

All emblazoned with the famous Chanel logo. In fact it was almost like they took every product available from a supermarket shelf and then crammed their logo onto it. All the branding though had a meaning which paid homage to the founder Coco Chanel, such as the tea bags being named after her lover and many other cues that would be familiar to fans of hers.

The majority of the products were real items too and not just merely props. (which also explains, why at the end of the show celebrities like Rihanna, Keira Knightly and other A-lister's proceeded to shoplift and loot the store for all sorts of goodies.

Chanel's Marketing Strategy

Chanel's Supermarket-Themed Show was a marketing strategy designed to create brand awareness and increase sales. The following are four ways the show achieved this:

  • Brand Awareness and Engagement: Chanel's Supermarket-Themed Show was a clever way to get people talking about the brand on social media platforms. This increased engagement on Chanel's social media handles and raised awareness about the brand.
  • User-Generated Content (UGC): The show theme was not only visually appealing but prompted guests to take and share pictures on social media. This made it possible for Chanel to leverage user-generated content in its marketing campaigns.
  • Unique In-Store Experience: The supermarket theme involved guests shopping around the store, which created a unique and memorable in-store experience. Customers want to be connected to the brand they are investing their money in, and this created a connection to the brand for guests.
  • Niche Branding: The supermarket products were branded in Chanel logos while also having a deeper meaning rooted in the founder of the brand, Coco Chanel. This created an emotional connection between the products and the founder and increased loyalty towards the brand.

Impact on the Promotional Product Industry

The Chanel Supermarket-Themed Show has had an impact on the promotional product industry. Here are four ways in detail:

  • Increased Creativity in Branding: Chanel's show was so impressive because it was so creative. It has had an impact on the promotional product industry and will likely inspire other brands to come up with more creative ways to incorporate branding into their products.
  • Increased Product Visibility: The Supermarket-Themed Show increased the visibility of Chanel products, and with this, it became a marketing tool that boosted their product's sales.
  • Branded Gift Baskets: Chanel's new idea of branded gift baskets was introduced in the super-market themed show, and it has redefined the luxury gifting industry.
  • Increased Focus on Eco-Friendly Products: Chanel's display of eco-friendly food and grocery items has raised awareness in the promotion industry about the importance of eco-friendly products. More companies would want to adopt eco-friendly promotional products in their marketing campaigns.

The Show Itself

During the show models walked up and down the super market, some were even pushed around in trolley carts. Many of the designer cloths were casual with even a few track suit tops and bottoms. To top off the authentic look and feel of the event, the supermarket was closed with a message over the announcement which read "Dear valued customer, the Chanel store is closing. Please pick up complimentary fruit and vegetables as you leave," This has got to be one of the more awesome fun fashion events we have witnessed this year! Check out some of the pictures here:

chanel supermarket 3 chanel supermarket 2 chanel supermarket 1 chanel supermarket 7

The Grand Palais in Paris

grand palais


The Chanel Supermarket-Themed Show has done more than just create a fashion statement. It has brought up the importance of creativity in the promotional product industry. Creating unique in-store experiences has become a crucial part of product promotion. In a way, Chanel's marketing campaign is a reminder of how effective experiential branding could be. Aspiring to create unique, memorable marketing schemes is imperative for businesses to stay at the top of their industry.