Your corporate merchandise can say volumes about who you are as a corporate or organization entity more than anything else. After all, people will literally make an opinion about you within seconds of seeing you. Therefore having the right image conveyed in the right way is extremely important as you want to get that all important first impression a positive one more than anything else. The first piece of merchandise that most people will typically encounter when dealing with a new company would be the business card. If you network often then a business card is an awesome item, as a well branded card can help become a talking point and instantly separate you from others. Here are some smashing examples of business cards and what are the hottest trends at the moment. Hopefully this will give you some inspiration if you are designing one.

Swing Tag Business Cards

If you work in a business that is related to retail in any shape or form then this design may appeal to you. Have these created in a slightly thicker card for durability and loop a string on one end for that authentic look. Amazingly simple yet very stylish. The only bad thing is that you would struggle to carry more than a few with you at a time in a business card box due to the thickness.

swing tag business cards 2014 c

Custom Die Cut Business Cards

Business cards certainly do not need to be square. This company Lynwood uses these cards that resemble a leaf. They are a Natural medicine company. The delightful thing is that this card is also slightly pre-folded in the middle to replicate a real leaf.

custom cut shaped

Gloss Finished Business Cards

Gloss cards are great. They add lighting texture to your design. Make the most out of the gloss finish by using darker colours though to really bring out the shine!

gloss finish cards 2014

Edge Printed Cards

These types of finish on business cards are becoming more and more popular. Use this type of finish and have a strong contrasting colour for maximum effect.

edge printed cards 2014

edge printed cards b 2014

Type Set De-bossing

Modern printing methods allow for de-bossing. This design company took the de-boss concept to create a type setting result, similar to what you would find on an old school manual typewriter.

type set cards    font types 2014

Multi Coloured Business Cards

Business cards have never been as cheap as they are now. So take advantage of these low prices and have several colour ways for your business cards. It looks so much more attractive and can really add a lot more colour to your card collection.

multi coloured cards 2014