In need of ideas for your autumn or winter marketing campaign? Look no further than Cubic Promote for quality promotional merchandise that suit the season AND look incredible!

Orange Beanie, Black/Orange Cup, Green Branded Lip Balm

Promotional Hi-Vis Beanies

Custom headwear makes any ideal addition to marketing campaigns as wearables draw considerable attention and can be enjoyed by recipients inside and outside of work environments. The only thing better is our Promotional Hi-Vis Beanies that boast vibrant high visibility colours with reflective strips, making them perfect for Aussie tradies but also unique enough to stand out for marketing campaigns wanting to make a real splash.


The Cubic Promote team will add your logo or slogan design to the beanies and send them to you anywhere in Australia. As the morning continue to get colder and colder, your event attendees or staff will appreciate being given a useful gift like a beanie!

lip balm logo imprinted cubic

Bulk Branded Lip Balms

Another essential for cold weather is something to soothe wind-chapped lips. If you're keen on a cheap, colourful, and highly useful promo gift then you can't beat Cubic Promote's locally stocked promotional lip balms.


Each tube boasts a smooth vanilla flavour that glides effortlessly onto the lips to help relieve dryness and chapping (which is often worse during the winter and autumn). Your logo is printed on the tubes, giving your design a great boost every time someone whips out their balm sticks. At prices that won't break the bank, these are definitely some of our seasonal best-sellers.

logo printed matte mugs winter

Brighton Matte Personalised Mugs

Sometimes you just can't beat the classics and our Brighton Matte Personalised Mugs are autumn/winter best-sellers for a reason! Boasting a sizable 330ml size these mugs are ideal additions to offices and conferences across the country. Whether you enjoy coffee, tea, hot chocolate, chai, or something else you'll appreciate having your warm drinks out of a classic matte-finish mug featuring an eye-catching design. Order these mugs in low bulk quantities for your office and give your staff something new to smile about.


Winter themed promotional items in Australia offer a unique way to show off your brand. These products are perfect for companies looking to stand out during the colder months of the year. Popular favourites include beanies, scarves, and snow globes all of which can be customised with an organisations logo or message. They offer a level of personalisation that is great for creating relationships between businesses and their customers.


Winter themed promotional clothing on the other hand also have great appeal due to their versatility; they are suitable for both winter fashion accessories as well as holiday decorations at home or work. Additionally, these products remain relevant throughout the entire season, giving brands greater exposure over a longer period of time. All in all, winter-themed promotional items provide an effective way to get noticed while remaining stylish and fun!


If you'd like to learn more about these, or any of the products in our range, contact the Cubic Promote team today!