Valentines day is coming sooner than you think. For those who do not know (or like me, choose to forget) it is February the 14th. Now we all know what Valentines day is of course in its modern context being a day for couples. However Valentines day is also a terrific opportunity for organisations like charities, not for profits, corporates and organisations to latch onto and use it as a great opportunity to advertise and market themselves. Does this sound a bit cynical? I certainly do not think so. Using Valentines day when most people are in high spirits are a perfect opportunity to show that your organisation also cares. If you are a charity wanting to raise funds for a cause then this is all the more better.

Valentines Day Corporate Gift Ideas

We put our thinking caps on and went through our range of 10,000 + products and came up with this small list of items which we think are perfect as Valentines day promotional gifts. Check them out here:

Valentines Day Idea 1: Heart Shaped USB Memory sticks

These come in your choice of capacity from 1gb to 32gb Heart Memory Keys

heart shaped memory drives 2014

Valentines Day Idea 2 Chocolates that are Personalised

Personalised chocolate blocks or pieces (need we say more!)

chocolate blocks valentines day 2014

A Personalized Fold Up Vase

Customised Vases that fold flat but pop to life when it is filled with water.

folding vases 2014

Badge Holders

For everyday office use!

heart badge holders

Mint Packets

Custom Heart mint packets with breath mints

heart mints 2014

Personalized Desk Top Magnetic Clips

Cute branded desk top magnet set in hearts

heart shaped magnet base

Heart Stress balls

heart stress balls 2014

Wind Up Walking Heart Toys

wind up heart shapes

Valentines day gifts are perfect in use during events as well as gifts to your corporate team members just to show you care! That is the thing about using promotional items during a day like Valentines day. It is not just a day for love birds but a fantastic opportunity to simply show others that you care! If you are an organisation it is definitely a great opportunity to take advantage of. Ask us if you want ideas for your event!