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Here on the east coast, we've been hitting temperatures of 30 and beyond, which means spring is not only in full swing, but summer is just around the corner. After an autumn and winter full of COVID, the flu, and nasty weather, it's time for Aussies to start coming out of their shells and enjoying the great outdoors again.

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Me, the moment I have to start experiencing the outside world again.

If you're managing staff members or customers that hope to improve their activity levels, whether over the weekend, during daily commutes, or during their lunch breaks, then Cubic Promote has some industry-best promotional giveaways to help lift moods and make physical activity (somewhat) appealing again. Don't believe us? Check out some of our great product options below, which come with custom decoration and fast Australian delivery!

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Promotional Drink Bottles for Hydration

Australia can be a sweltering place over the spring/summer months, so any outdoor activities will require refreshments on hand if you're hoping to stay hydrated. Whether your target audience for brand promotion is at a sports event, going for their daily walk, or enjoying an adventure in the Blue Mountains, Cubic Promote has some of the top drink bottles in the country for marketing merchandise. Right now, our most popular bottle styles are the following

  • Kareem Glass Bottles
  • 750ml Screwtop Promotional Bottles
  • 1 Litre Camelbak Dario+ Bottles

Brand Elevation Idea

A drink bottle with your logo printed on it is a great gift on its own, but if you're hoping to add even more value, we recommend pairing it with a custom neoprene bottle sleeve or asking our team to pack it into a personalised gift box.

Woman in athletic sports singlet

Custom Fitness Apparel for Comfort

Exercise is vital to maintaining health, but that can be tough when it's hot outside and you'd prefer to veg in front of the TV. A great way to get your logo noticed is to have it printed on fitness promotional apparel like singlets/tank tops, tees, or yoga wear, and when your recipients drag themselves off the lounge to get their steps in, their outfit is sure to get noticed. Our best-selling top options for comfort and fitness include

  • Corporate Sports Singlets
  • AS Colour Dash Racerback Tanks
  • Printed Sprint Shorts

Brand Boosting Tip

If your business or organisation doesn't already have one, think about starting or participating in a team sports league in the local area. You could sponsor the team's uniforms and really make a mark in the community! We have the coolest customisable sports uniform options, so grab some when you're kitting out your squad.

Full Colour Printed Sports Towel

Logo Branded Accessories for Peak Performance

If you have a limited budget to work with, or you're looking for a small addition to an existing gift pack, these accessories will be a welcome addition to your campaign. Cubic Promote stocks health and fitness goodies that will look amazing with your logo branding or personalised message. Our current top picks are as follows

  • Summer Splash Cooling Towels (on special for November 2022!)
  • Classic Wooden Skipping Ropes
  • Fit Me Yoga Mats

Lift Your Logo Game

Make your logo-branded accessories count by ensuring they pair nicely with existing items in a gift pack (such as custom socks to go with a a yoga towel) or by considering how useful they'll be to your recipients (buying a yoga mat when they already have one might not be helpful, but what about a printed yoga block). Alternatively, you can blow the competition out of the water by getting your logo in dazzling full colour on traditional items like bulk beach towels and tees & watch as your staff and customers opt for your swag over your competitors!

Gift Pack With Gym Gear and Bottles

Personalised Athletic Gift Packs

Finally, if none of the above items calls out to you, consider getting a customised gift sets for your employees or clients instead. Cubic Promote has a variety of promotional gift packs for active Aussies of all fitness levels, including best-sellers like

  • Home Gym Fitness Packs
  • Get Fit Personalised Gift Packs
  • Work Out Promotional Essentials Packs

All these gift packs come with your decoration on the packaging and/or the products, so chat with our experienced customer care team on 1300 858 288 to learn more about pricing and delivery time frames for all of these goodie sets and help get your team feeling good again!