May 25th is National Wine Day in the USA and while it might not be the same celebration of alcohol here in Australia tomorrow, it did get us thinking about promotional merchandise that might suit local wine drinkers and those seeking to market to them.

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Promotional Wine Product Ideas

Promotional wine products can be a great way to increase customer loyalty and engagement. Wine gifts are an excellent way to show appreciation for customers or clients. Something as small as a bottle opener, glasses, and corkscrew with your logo is perfect for these situations. If you want to offer something more substantial, there are always wood engraved boxes, luxury baskets with all the accompaniments like caviar, gourmet cheeses and chocolates that all make excellent promotional items.


Another idea could be personalized bottles of premium wines than can include two wine stoppers in your companys colors and a set of branded coasters inside the box that will create memories every time they use them during social gatherings -making sure they remember who gave them this magnificent gift while they smile indulging their favorite drink.


For large events such as conferences, trade shows or meetings where people from different countries attend you may also consider sending promotional wine samples of local national wineries along with making each sample another marketing opportunity for recognition: adding training brochures about health benefits/cautionary labels/ educative info about your product line or even hinting at specials deals if customers purchase more afterwards (and mention it on any material provided).


According to statistics from 2018, the average Australian drinks 27 litres of wine per year -- that's definitely a bit of a tipple each! Because wine drinking is so prevalent in this country using wine-related merchandise in your marketing makes sense, whether you're in the alcohol or restaurant industry or not. Because wine is a product associated with premium service and quality, if you're selling a high-value item like a car or house you might want to include promotional bottled wine in hampers as a gift with purchase (BYO wine, of course).

wine bag and glass branded

On the opposite end of the spectrum if you're hosting a birthday party or wedding then you can't beat giving your guests a personalised bottle openers. For those seeking a corporate gift or perhaps a prize or reward item then you'll want to consider our gift boxed wine glass sets or our stylish deluxe wine bottle holders. All of these products come decorated with your logo design and because all of them are reusable, your recipients will get a lot of use out of them which in turn gives your brand considerable visibility.

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Get Your Brand Noticed Today

If you have an upcoming event or are hoping to launch a mid-year marketing campaign then why not contact the friendly Cubic Promote team for more information on our range of unique wine gifts stocked right here in Australia. Wine-related items come at a variety of price points and with several decoration options so there's sure to be one that suits your business. Get in touch with us now to learn more!

Consume alcohol responsibly and only when you are of legal age.