Now that COVID cases are once again on the rise here in Sydney we've had an increase in enquiries for important everyday hygiene items such as face masks and hand sanitisers. Fortunately Cubic Promote is well prepared to supply these items (owing to flu season) so if your business, community group, school, or event requires personal protective products during this time then please contact our customer care team.

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Why Choose Face Masks and Sanitisers?

Hand sanitisers and face masks can't give you complete protection against COVID-19, influenza, or any other transmissible illness. However, what they can do is offer you an additional way to keep these nasties at bay while going about essential everyday tasks. Custom face masks, for example, help stop you from spraying saliva on other people as well as helping to shield you from their saliva as well. Hand Sanitiser, due to its strong alcohol content, can kill bacteria and viruses on your hands when washing them with warm water and soap simply isn't an option (such as on public transport). So while face masks and hand sanitisers alone aren't a solution to any of the nasty infections currently going around, they do contribute to a better level of protection overall when combined with good hygiene practices and avoiding any non-essential travel.

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We are Local to Sydney, NSW

Cubic Promote's head office is located right in the heart of Sydney, so our team appreciates the current situation for a lot of local businesses. If you're in need of face masks or sanitiser to help keep your business running according to current health & safety regulations, then speak to our team today. We have reusable face masks as well as disposable face masks stocked locally and ready to despatch ASAP. We can also offer branding on certain masks if you'd prefer something to fit with your uniforms. Similarly we keep hand sanitiser right here in Sydney so any urgent orders can be fulfilled very quickly. Above all, we try to keep our pricing extremely low on these particular products due to their nature and demand. So if you're in greater Sydney and you're after these products, Cubic Promote can supply them.