A promotional product is simply an item that has your event or your corporate name on it! This product that has your name is typically given away or sold to the recipient. It's an easy way to effectively market and promote your brand name or simply give your brand a bit more prestige. There are all sorts of options available for you including cheap options and more expensive alternatives.

This article is more for a little fun especially for kids who may want to consider creating some promotional merchandise on the fly (and perhaps learn a bit about marketing along the way) to create promotional products for themselves or perhaps for their mini business venture!

1. Promotional products increase brand exposure.
2. Branded merchandise promotes teamwork and ownership.
3. Personalisation and quality create goodwill.


DIY Kids' Promotional Crafts

Firstly a product to brand your logo. Some ideas include old toys that you don't play with anymore! or anything that you can find in a garage that you do not need anymore. If they are large items then that is okay too because they will simply be referred to as "Corporate Gifts," Alternatively simply go to the shop and buy low cost items that you can get in bulk (eg. plastic party cups, Santa hats - Christmas is round the corner and the like).


Secondly you need your logo to be branded. You will need a photocopier or a printer as well as a design of your logo. Then you simply feed your pack of sticker labels (available from all stationery suppliers) into the printer to print your design.


Thirdly - Simply apply the sticker onto the product and presto! You can begin marketing your product and your brand image now!


Want some suggestions on where you can start using them? Well if you are selling lemonade during your school break to your neighbours think about branding your cup! Therefore people who purchase your drink have nowhere to come back for more! They can also refer friends to you or even re-use the cup! Perhaps you are doing a chocolate charity drop? Why not offer your customers a free branded gift if they buy over a dozen chocolate bars?


Real-Life Applications for Corporations

Promotional items are a versatile method for any business to increase brand exposure and promote continued engagement from current and potential customers. When corporations invest time into designing custom promotional products that fit their electronic or brick-and-mortar stores’ vision, they can quickly reach measurable success rates.

Below are some examples of how big companies have leveraged promotional items as part of their marketing strategy:

  • National Geographic produced a branded camera bag featuring the iconic yellow frame emblazoned onto it.
  • McDonald's created branded reusable cups that were promoted during Earth Day festivities.
  • Coca-Cola created personalised cans that featured consumer names on them.

With just these examples, you can see how well-crafted corporate giveaways like these can create positive associations between your brand name and personal experiences with that product while also spreading your message far beyond each recipient's interaction.

Valuable Lessons From This Activity

Crafting often seems like an activity reserved solely by those alone who need further market research assistance. Still, whether out-of-office bonding or seeking creative inspiration for developing new company values - there is plenty more reason why any corporation could benefit from crafting their own custom-made promotional items as team-building events:

  • Personalisation is Key: Taking time out to print promotional backpacks or caps not only creates a sense of ownership within staff members but promotes overall teamwork quality assurance producing top-notch personalised merchandise. Thus, making employees feel confident about committing to functioning tasks when later performing sales pitch-oriented routines.
  • Focus on Your Brand Image: Companies must concentrate on elevating ethos through branding merchandise sensibilities since that's the face of their corporate culture. Customising promotional products creates an entire system geared for a favourable impression considered tasteful with high-quality materials.
  • Building Goodwill: When corporations design a giveaway or promos-themed entry-level product, they aren't just buying off their clients' loyalty - rather they're promoting themselves as friendly organisations who enjoy giving back.

Using crafting and promotion item campaigns in your business scheme is innovative and on-trend. Creating hands-on experiences can not only build camaraderie within teams but offer fresh networking perspectives to improve client interaction throughout companies long-term performances while creating endless possibilities for team building or CSR initiatives alike!


Creating and utilizing promotional products is an effective way for businesses of all sizes to increase brand exposure and engage with customers. Whether it's through personalized items or branded merchandise, companies can leverage these campaigns to build loyalty among their clients, enhance their corporate image and culture, and create a positive impact on the community or environment. By crafting custom-made promotional products as team-building events or standalone marketing efforts, organizations can differentiate themselves from competitors while building strong relationships with their target audience.