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  1. The Rise of Custom Hats in Pop Culture

    Custom hats are not just fashion accessories; they are cultural statements that have been gracing heads and runways for centuries. Recently, these pieces have catapulted from traditional or functional headwear to symbols of self-expression and style in pop culture. This blog delves into the evolution of custom headwear, their resurgence in modern fashion, and their status as emblematic icons within popular culture.

    The Historical Significance of Hats

    Hats have always been more than just practical attire; they've symbolized social status, profession, and fashion sensibilities throughout history. From the aristocratic allure of the top hat in the 19th century to the utilitarian

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  2. More Funny Custom Printed Tee Shirts

    If you may be considering using promotional tee shirts for your next event, it would be best advised to stay away from these weird and inappropriate designs. We have compiled here some of the best and most amusing ones we've seen.


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  3. Who Invented Branded Bouncing Balls?

    Promotional bouncing balls are an eternal favourite for large-scale events and expos because they're cost-effective and eye-catching, but have you ever wondered about their history? We decided to check into exactly where these promotional products came from, just how they became such a hit, and just why they should star in your next branded merchandise campaign!

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  4. Discovering Quirky Branded Items

    Ever stumbled upon a USB that looks like a taco, or lip balm with unique shapes? Welcome to the wild world of promotional products, where the quirky and the unusual reign supreme. Let’s dive into the treasure chest of the weirdest, most memorable merch out there—from fidget cubes to neon shoelaces that glow in the dark!

    What Are Novelty Merchandise?

    These are items that defy conventional expectations. They’re the products you wouldn’t typically associate with a brand's promotional efforts. Take, for instance, temporary tattoos, neon glow shoelaces, champagne glasses with RGB lighting, shower timers, and lozenges branded with company logos. These items stand

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  5. You Can’t Use an Ad-Blocker in Real Life

    We're all familiar with online spam, whether it's in our emails, texts or social media messages. But how bad is the problem? As the number of Internet users is growing constantly, so is the number of advertisements and spams – which in turn has increased the demand for ad blockers.


    Keep reading to learn more about this matter. We'll discuss why marketing promotional items keeps going strong, without needing an ad blocker for those intrusive spams.

    Key Points on Spam Statistics

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  6. Warm Hearts & Bright Smiles: Christmas Gifts For the Elderly

    As the holiday season is upon us, it's time to start thinking about presents for our elderly loved ones. For seniors, practical and useful gifts are often the most appreciated. They want something that will make their lives easier and more comfortable. We have done the research and compiled a list of the top gifts for seniors, including fidget cubes, electric fans, thermal travel mugs, phone stands, pill organizers, and more. So, let's dive in and discover the perfect gift for the senior in your life.

    Fidget Cubes: Busy Hands, Active Minds

    Personalised fidget cubes are perfect for seniors who like to keep their hands busy. They help to keep the mind engaged and are beneficial for seniors with Alzheimer's or dementia. Fidget

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  7. Russian Bear Logo Intrigue

    I love looking at logo's. Which makes my job perfect in the area of custom branding, as I love it when I come across really interesting ones. This particular effort created for the Russian airport though, has got to be one of the best designs this year. It has intrigue, comedy and a lovely flying bear all in one. Basically everything that I would love to see in a logo.


    • Khabarovsk Airport's creative flying bear logo showcases the power of engaging design.
    • Attractive logos enhance brand identity, first impressions, and emotional connections.
    • Prioritizing captivating logo design contributes to long-term brand recognition and success.

    Khabarovsk Airport Logo

    The latest logo by the Khabarovsk Airport

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  8. How does a Bag of Pellets become a Bottle?

    A bucket of plastic pellets being turned into plastic bottles

    Let me take you around the back into a bottle-making factory. We make a few styles of promotional plastic bottles here in Australia (yes, manufacturing is not dead in Australia). The process of bottles is fun and an eye-opener for many. I'll stop talking now; let's dive in and see how exactly a bag of plastic pellets becomes a bottle.

    Bag of Plastic Pellets

    A bag of plastic pellets into drink bottles is a great

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  9. The Hennessy Promotional Giveaways

    Hennessy Navy Blue Branded Cap with Basketball Insignia

    Brand name marketing and marketing merchandise collide spectacularly with two seemingly different brands. NBA Basketball and Hennessy (famous Brandy Brand) (Note Hennessy is not a Whiskey). These two famous brands have come together for a promotional stunt that coincides with the NBA finals played in America.


    • Celebrity endorsements boost visibility.
    • Exclusive merchandise fosters engagement.
    • Collaborative promotion enhances brand recognition.


    Harness the Power of Marketing

    Using the power of marketing, the slick project included using imagery via social media and a beautifully filmed advertisement clip that could be seen throughout different sports channels. In addition, special commemorative packaging was also designed for this marketing campaign to

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  10. Why Choose Custom Shopping Bags?

    Non woven bag in use orange

    Shopping bags are the type of item most of us have in our kitchens, cars, and store rooms. The shopping bags we tend to take with us when we go and buy our groceries are the ones that we like the look of, the ones that boast unique designs and messages we want to show to others. That's why businesses and events choose to use promotional shopping bags to boost their visibility with visitors, customers, and staff alike.


    1. Boost visibility with custom shopping bags.
    2. Eco-friendly bags enhance brand image.
    3. Contact Cubic Promote for custom bags.


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