We've said it before and we'll say it again, we LOVE the innovation being shown by the restaurant industry in utilising promotional products as a means to not only boost their brands during the pandemic, but to inject some fun back in fast food marketing overall. Auntie Anne's is a US pretzel & lemonade specialty chain that offers simple, stylish branded merchandise in their online store. Today we're checking out their range and what makes it so appealing to American consumers.

auntie anne branded ladies tee

Promotional Products for Innovative Eateries

Pretzels are a favourite snack here in Australia, but most Aussies are used to eating bulk packs of crispy, hard pretzels from the supermarket. In the US (and in specialty eateries here) pretzels are sizable, soft, and served warm to the delight of consumers. Auntie Anne's is a chain known for serving traditional lemonade alongside fresh, soft pretzels across America. Like a lot of US snack sellers, Auntie Anne's has recently taken the plunge and started selling logo branded clothing alongside other funky swag in their online store. What kind of products are being marketed to pretzel fans? Well, you might be surprised!

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Customised Products to Boost Marketing Reach

Like many other food businesses that have embraced merchandise as a means to boost their marketing reach, Auntie Anne's boasts a huge assortment of branded clothing in their online store. However, they also have some other fun products that swag fans will undoubtedly love. The range includes:

What makes the Auntie Anne's range a little different from some others is the fact that they only have a handful of designs, each created by artists using only their corporate colours, and these designs are available on the majority of stocked products. Rather than offering bland, corporate-look logos each product has a vibrant design full of energy and reflecting the idea that Auntie Anne's is a "pretzel family" and that life needs "more sunshine and lemonade." This optimistic, colourful take on marketing merchandise is what helps set the Auntie Anne's range apart from a lot of the competition.

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Making Merchandise Work for You

If you're feeling inspired after checking out the funky items Auntie Anne's has for its US clients, you'll definitely want to get in touch with the Cubic Promote team. Our team of experienced professionals will help you select the right merchandise for your campaign, assist with pricing and designs, and help you from order placement right through until delivery. Give us a call today to get your own vibrant promotional gifts!