Move over promotional fidget spinners, the new star of tactile toys is here and people of all ages are sure to enjoy de-stressing with it at work and home alike. Do you know what we're talking about? That's right, Promotional Popping Fidget Bubble Games!

fidget bubble popper branded

Bulk Stress Relieving Tactile Games

If you've been to a toy shop or games store recently you'll know exactly what we're talking about when we mention fidget popping toys. These silicone-based, reusable games are currently taking the world by storm because of just how simple and fun they are. Each toy, whether it be in a standard round shape or a zany ice cream or love heart shape, features several rows of bubbles. To use, simply press these bubbles down and keep going until all bubbles on one side are pushed in. Flip it over and start again! These lightweight goodies imitate the relaxing experience of popping bubble wrap without the waste or the danger bubble wrap poses to very young children.

child using promotional fidget bubbles

Why Choose Promotional Bubble Poppers?

Not only are these activities easy to carry, colourful, and reusable, they also make fantastic promotional gifts. Order some bulk branded bubble poppers from Cubic Promote and we'll add your event or organisation logo on the side. Slip one of these enjoyable rewards into a show bag at an event or hand them out to customers in-store. Because these products are made from silicone they can be easily wiped down when dirtied and will last a long time if cared for properly. Don't you think your recipients deserve a gift that will give them hours of entertainment AND exposure to your brand? It's win-win!

rainbow bubble popper

Speak to the friendly Cubic Promote sales team today for more information on bubble pop fidget toys and other great anti-stress fidget activities for adults and kids alike!