Are you interested in checking out the range of promotional gifts here at Cubic Promote, but would prefer having an old-school browse offline? Never fear, we always keep a stock of product catalogues that we can send you on request to ensure you can see our latest and greatest items without the need for browsing through our extensive online catalogue.

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Why Choose Printed Product Catalogues?

Sometimes it can be easier to pass a physical catalogue around a marketing team or perhaps you're the kind of person who likes to curl up and enjoy a good brochure on your own time. For those times, Cubic Promote can supply a full-colour glossy catalogue featuring popular, recent, and eco-friendly product options. Printed promotional product catalogues remain an indispensable tool for businesses and clients alike. These tangible resources offer a tactile browsing experience, enabling users to easily flick through pages and assess products at their leisure. Furthermore, well-crafted catalogues boast striking visuals and concise descriptions, assisting clients in making informed purchasing decisions.

In an era of digital overload, printed catalogues provide a refreshing, offline alternative that fosters a deeper connection between brands and customers. With their unique blend of practicality and charm, printed promotional catalogues continue to thrive in today's competitive market. If you'd like to order your own then get in touch with our sales team via 1300 858 288 and we'll have one delivered to you free of charge to any address in Australia.

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Digital Catalogue Options

In addition to our print catalogues we also have digital catalogues that can be viewed immediately in PDF format online. If you want a straightforward, simple, offline-accessible way to go through our products then downloading one of these might be the right move.

Check out the direct links on today! Currently we are offering our New Product Catalogue along with a specialised Clothing Catalogue featuring the ever-popular Biz Collection range, which we stock and brand right here in Australia for businesses and events just like yours. If you would like digital catalogues sent by email or any other brochure highlights, please don't hesitate to contact our team.

Advantages of Catalogue Ordering

Ordering a catalogue can have numerous advantages, from providing detailed information and sparking creativity to offering convenience and better engagement with your audience. Here are the benefits of using catalogues as part of your promotional marketing strategy:

  • Detailed Descriptions & Images - Our catalogues contain multiple images and detailed descriptions for each item, making it easier for you to choose suitable items according to your brand message, audience, or budget.
  • Inspiration For Next Campaign - Catalogues are great tools that often inspire creativity. By browsing through a Cubic Promote catalogue, you may find unique gift ideas or see what other businesses have done in terms of branding.
  • Convenience - With so many options available on the internet today, it can be overwhelming and confusing when trying to pick out the right promotional products. However, having one centralised source like our printed/catalogue gives enough space in hand without referring back continuously over the web pages being loaded every time which saves time and effort.
  • Better Engagement With Your Audience - By putting printed marketing materials into hands other than digital ones makes more impact due to its tangibility factor.

Customisation Options

When it comes to promoting your brand or business, customisation is key. Our range of customisation options allows you to tailor content, add company logos and even feature specific products that align with your target market.

  • Tailored Content - We tailor content based on specific target markets across different industries.
  • Adding Company Logo - Our catalogue is fully customizable with various printing options including adding logos onto different merchandise.
  • Featuring specific Products - Not sure which products suit best? Take advantage of our featured product option - we help narrow down selections based on your company’s needs.


Cubic Promote offers a range of promotional products to suit your needs. Whether you prefer the traditional method of browsing through printed catalogues or the convenience of digital options, we have got you covered. Our customisation options allow you to tailor content and add logos to different merchandise for better engagement with your audience. With striking visuals and concise descriptions, our product catalogue is an indispensable tool that inspires creativity and facilitates informed purchasing decisions. Contact our sales team today via 1300 858 288 for your free copy delivery anywhere in Australia and take advantage of the benefits of using catalogues as part of your promotional marketing strategy!