We are proud to announce that the price on King Mist 500ml Disinfectant Sprays has been reduced, effective immediately. We've been extremely fortunate to work out a more cost-effective option for storage so the savings have been passed on directly to you, our customers.

king mist price reduction

Why Choose King Mist Disinfectant Spray?

King Mist is an Australian formulated, manufactured and owned disinfectant spray. Made from a water base, King Mist is effective at killing 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses (including COVID-19). The water-based formulation means that King Mist doesn't have any strong alcohol fumes and is useful for treating surfaces such as wood and acrylic that can be extremely sensitive to disinfectant formulas. Hospital grade and without the need for wiping to be effective, King Mist is the perfect multi-surface spray for the home, office, and vehicles.

If you're interested in purchase King Mist from our friendly team, contact the Cubic sales staff. With the new low price locked in, there's no reason not to try this powerful Aussie made disinfectant today. See the official King Mist website for more information on the product line.