January is almost over which means February is just around the corner. One of the best opportunities for promotion during the month of February is Valentine's Day. While on a personal level it's usually about spending time with your significant other, for businesses such as restaurants and shops it is also a great day for having special deals on items or giveaways at your location. That's where the promotional products from Cubic Promote can come in handy.

heart-shpaed chocolates for vantines gift

What Custom Products Should You Pick?

Valentine's Day is a day all about love, so when it comes to selecting the branded products the items that work well are generally premium gifts that a consumer can take home and utilise. Some of the most popular choices among our Australian client base include;

  • Personalised Chocolates (particularly the locally made individual blocks of chocolate and boxed gift sets, a very traditional gift idea)
  • Logo Branded Body Care Items (lotions, tea blends, bath salts, candles, and other aromatic gifts are ideal for Valentine's Day rewards)
  • Promotional Plush Bears (soft toys also make wonderful personal gift items, especially with your logo on the stuffed animal's shirt)

Another thing to keep in mind when selecting a product is that, well, almost anything can become a Valentine's Day gift if your branding celebrates the date. That means if you'd like promotional key rings or logo branded beach towels to give your recipients, then we can absolutely make these items happen. The sky's the limit when it comes to promotional gifts and your tailored logo branding!

bath salts promo

Why Promotional Products Work for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is all about love and expressing appreciation to those around us. Branded merchandise can be an excellent way of keeping your brand fresh in the minds of both existing and potential customers while showcasing your sincerity towards them.
Moreover, most promotional products are reusable, providing a long-lasting reminder of their significance. This means every time someone uses or wears your gift they will be reminded of your brand affectionately while fondly recalling having received it on 14th February.

Australians Love Valentine's Day!

Over half the population celebrates Valentine’s day! So if done right - it's one occasion where businesses do well by focusing some attention onto customising products they're promoting at reasonable price points based on their marketing budgets typically focused primarily around premium unique high-quality relics that outlast disposable trend items from past seasons enjoying popularity once again - even decades later when sold secondhand as collectors' pieces.

There are several options available depending on each business' needs; however industry insights reveal some commonly successful selections resonate very well here within Australian culture during Cupid season too so reach out today!

Speak to The Experts

Here at Cubic Promote we assist Australian businesses and event organisers every year for Valentine's Day. Our team can recommend unique promotional gifts to help boost the image of your brand and satisfy the needs of your staff and clients during the most romantic day of the year. Give the Cubic Promote team a call today to discuss products, pricing, and delivery in time for your Valentine's Day campaign launch.