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  1. New Locking Mobile Phone Pouches

    New Locking Mobile Phone Pouches

    There's nothing worse than people using their mobile phones when they're meant to be focusing on class, a conference, or simply on everyday activities. Cubic Promote has a new promotional product available that will help organisations to secure phones quickly and easily with minimal fuss. We're proud to now be offering logo printed Lockable Mobile Phone Pouches!

    Introducing Lockable Mobile Phone Pouches

    With Lockable Mobile Phone Pouches, Cubic Promote is revolutionising the way organisations keep people off their phones. These innovative pouches provide a secure and simple way to easily lock a mobile phone away, with minimal effort required. The magnetic base feature unlocks each pouch quickly and easily, while still keeping the phone secure until it’s needed. These pouches also come with full colour logo printing, making them a great promotional item as well!

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  2. Top Logo Branded Bag Picks

    Whether you're holding an event, looking to give customers a gift with purchase, or simply hoping to expand your marketing reach you'll find that promotional bags are some of the most consistent sellers in our industry. Because bags can be used for so many different purposes and have a high level of reuse, your branding enjoys great exposure for longer! But which bags make the cut for Aussie businesses? You might be surprised...!


    1. Promotional bags for longer exposure.
    2. Choose unique shapes and colours.
    3. Enhance bags with practical features.


    promotional bags ideas calico

    Popular Promotional Bags

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  3. Promotional Merchandise for MrBeast Burgers

    MrBeast is probably best known as a YouTuber who does all sorts of fun and challenging things on video, such as gaming and trying unique products or experiences. However, you might not know that in the US he has also launched a a fast-food restaurant chain that is delivery only. Rather than you visiting a dine-in establishment, you order your burgers via an app and they come to you. Like MrBeast's normal website, the MrBeast Burger site is also teeming with branded swag for keen burger connoisseurs who love some limited edition streetwear on the side.


    1. Youthful style meets nostalgic vibes.
    2. Limited editions create desire.
    3. Brand alignment enhances appeal.


    mr beast burger tee branded

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  4. Branded Krispy Kreme Clothing

    Krispy Kreme is recognised internationally for its cheap and cheerful donuts, but what you may not know is that they're also at the top of their game when it comes to promotional merchandise. The US Krispy Kreme online store is packed to the rafters with promotional clothing in particular, because let's face it who doesn't love a fun logo t-shirt?!

    krispy tees logo branded

    Simple & Effective Promotional Attire

    Perhaps the most striking thing about Krispy Kreme's range of promotional apparel is that it is very simple. Rather than focusing on providing a lot of different designs, the company has opted for a small

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  5. Promotional Merchandise for Chocolate Lovers

    The only thing sweeter than chocolate is a range of promotional swag featuring America's best-selling confectionery brands from Hershey's. The business, which sells treats like Reese's Pieces, Twizzlers, and Kit Kats in the US has a delightful range of branded merchandise that capitalises on feelings of nostalgia and a desire to rep recognisable logos among Millennials and Zoomers alike.

    hersheys branded hoodie

    Wearable Logo Swag and More

    Like a lot of restaurants and food retailers, the bulk of the Hershey's merchandise range is wearable. Best-selling items include logo branded hoodies, customised socks, and even promotional caps. The consistent detail across all wearables is the use of classic

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  6. Best-Selling Spring Marketing Merchandise

    It's hard to believe that August is nearly at a close which means we're about to begin September and launch into spring (along with some nicer weather). Spring is a great time to begin fresh marketing campaigns because everyone is emerging from the bleakness of winter, ready for something new and exciting. Today the Cubic Promote blog is looking at our best-selling promotional merchandise for spring in Australia!

    man wearing navy blue and white promotional cap

    Promotional T-Shirts and Caps

    Winter is all about rugging up with jackets and hoodies, but spring is when Aussies start re-introducing classics like promotional t-shirts and promotional caps back into their wardrobes. If you're after some new staff uniforms or simply wanting to get

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  7. Face Masks from Motorsport Teams

    Motorsports teams have been some of the fastest on the uptake of the "new normal" with team members in the pits and cars already having to wear face masks while participating in races. It only makes sense for the teams (and the greater organisations) to start marketing customised masks to fans as well, which they have done in style. Today we're checking out promotional face masks featuring branding and slogans from some of the biggest motorsport teams in the world.


    1. Drive brand awareness with custom face masks.
    2. Reusable masks promote sustainability and style.
    3. Cubic Promote offers custom mask solutions.



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  8. Cubic Promote Open & Fully Stocked

    Just a quick update to let you all know that the Cubic Promote team, while still practising social distancing in line with government requirements, is open as normal for all your promotional items needs. You can contact us via phone, email, LiveChat, or by simply sending through one of our online inquiry forms -- it's that simple!

    cubic promote road exterior shot

    Promotional products are an important tool for staying

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  9. Eye-Catching Promotional Iced Tea Gifts

    AriZona iced tea is a popular US beverage range often used as drink mixers by responsible adults, or as individual refreshing drinks. The bottles are available here in Australia through places like Coles and Dan Murphy's and can be easily spotted by their vibrant, iconic packaging.


    But have you ever wondered what kind of unique marketing swag an iced tea company would sell? It turns out that AriZona iced tea has merch as eye-catching as its range of sweet teas!

    promotional arizona tea pillow

    Delightful Full-Colour Branded Merchandise

    Part of what helps AriZona iced tea start apart from its competition is just how genuinely eye-catching its label designs are. From the cherry blossom decoration found on cans of traditional Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey

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  10. KFC Gravy Soaked Branded T Shirts

    Fast food is a serious business for some people. I won't lie, I myself have some very strong loyalties and feelings towards certain fast food chains, and KFC is one of them. Although I don't indulge as much as I used to (trying some of that healthy living stuff) I won't deny that walking past a KFC and catching a whiff of that fried chicken, or heck, even reminiscing about it, gets my mouth watering.


    1. Use classic smells in promotions.
    2. Tactile aspects influence brand perception.
    3. Unique, exclusive promotions boost memorability.


    Promotional Products Featuring Classic Smells

    Promotional products featuring classic food smells can be a great way to attract

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