Promotional Gifts for the Great Outdoors

Today, we're going to talk about promoting your brand with custom-branded merchandise for outdoor activities. Whether you're an Aussie business or just looking for a way to engage with the outdoors, we've got some popular promotional gifts that will help you stand out.

Blue checkered picnic blanket

Custom Picnic Mats and Blankets

Relaxing outside on a picnic mat or blanket is one of the best ways to enjoy the sunshine with friends and family. Our promotional picnic mats are high-quality, durable items that can withstand whatever Australia's climate happens to throw at them. They’re also lightweight and easy to carry in a car boot or garage.

If you want something functional yet budget-friendly, our best-selling range of promotional picnic mats & rugs are perfect as they look fantastic when decorated with your branding message.

Logo Printed Cooler Bags

An ideal gift option if you're heading outdoors is branded cooler boxes. Not only are they useful for carrying food and drinks but by giving prospective customers a cooler bag emblazoned with your logo, you enhance brand visibility too! As everyone knows in hot climates like Australia’s keeping snacks & beverages chilled is crucial and what better way than having them carried in your own customized chiller bags!

Our Icy style chillers are amongst our most popular promotional cooler bags due their generous size options coupled along different colours available which usually suit Australian customer preferences.

Affordable Branded Sunglasses

Promotional sunglasses make great novelty gifts especially if given away during university O-week events or sporting fanfare initiatives - this cheap cheerful product has proven successful time after time! With custom-printing done on its arms anyone spotting these sunnies would definitely remember seeing your branding!

At Cubic Promote we’ve variety sunglass type products available priced either dirt-cheap super exxy thus catering well towards clients’ budget considerations; while the Malibu Sunglasses rank among our top budget choices ensuring every recipient feels valued regardless of how much you spend on them!

Trouble Choosing? Think About What Your Recipients Need

If none of the above items fit the bill, then consider something that would be useful to your customers or staff. For example, if you're selling products at an outdoor market, custom-printed water bottles would go down a treat on hot days when visitors come around.

Promoting a beach event? A branded umbrella could make your brand stand out in style! And for patrons visiting camping shops unique branded travel cups are excellent souvenier giveaways; coupled with our sturdy drinkware line makes it perfect choice for any Aussie based outdoor event!

In short, Cubic Promote has plenty of option variety and pricing - so no matter what kind of product fits best with your strategy feel free to give us a call! Our professionals team is always near ready to assist making sure everything runs smoothly throughout planning stages up until delivery time keeping hold customer satisfaction as top priority!