Hostess is a popular cake brand in the USA known for selling an assortment of tasty treats including Ho Hos, Twinkies, CupCakes, Snoballs and Ding Dongs. Available across America these sweet snacks are less well known here, but the company is going viral at the moment thanks to an assortment of fun holiday swag items now available on their website.

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Logo Decorated Merchandise for Brand Fans

Hostess being such a big brand in the US it is unsurprising that they've joined other popular organisations in embracing logo branded merchandise options. 2020 has been a year of countless promo merch launches for brands that normally rely on consumers buying their food, whether in restaurants or in supermarkets. Having merchandise online has allowed these organisations to market themselves a bit differently and to reach new audiences during a difficult year for food retailers. Hostess has launched an assortment of classic logo printed clothing on their website this year, with some seasonal goods being added recently to appeal to those preparing for the holidays. What kind of goodies? Well, I'm glad you asked!

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The Range of Promotional Goodies

So what kind of products are in the Hostess merchandise range? It turns out there's several standard types of items and a few very unique ones. A great mix overall if you ask us! These include

Part of what makes the Hostess range of merchandise stand out is just how colourful it is, embracing the same bold shades seen on the packaging of their sweet treats. This consistency means that shoppers can select clothing and goods that really do feel linked to the products they enjoy. The stand out items, however, are the holiday exclusive ornaments crafted from glass to look like miniature CupCakes and Twinkies.

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