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Promotional Products Fit for a President Part 2

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Here is part 2 of our cheeky sneak peek at presidential promotional products in the United States of America. The Americans genuinely are the best when it comes to using merchandise to further a political agenda or cause. Typically you will find the campaign with the most funding wins the race. Merchandise is an integral part of winning the presidency in America.

Bernie Sanders Merchandise

Possibly not a mainstream name here in Australia, but Bernie Sanders, at one point in time, had a legitimate shot at becoming the president of the United States. The graphics used in Bernie Sanders is quite cheeky and fun too. Check them out below:

Printed Tee Shirts

Printed Mugs

Printed Car Magnets

Printed Posters

Merchandise by John Hickenlooper

Mountains are what John Hickenlooper is about. This presidential hopeful wants a chance for the next year 2020. The merchandise and design used are somewhat fresh. The mountains, the stars look modern and patriotic. On offer for his campaign is:

Promotional Can Coolers

Promotional Beanies

Printed Tee Shirts

Printed Canvas Bags

Joe Biden

So Joe Biden is a bit older, but looking at his merchandise, you would never have guessed. It is reported than Joe Biden wears aviator sunglasses a lot. The aviator motif is clearly displayed on some of the merchandise on offer. The multi-colours also used clearly shows Joe's intention for inclusiveness for all. On offer is:

- Printed Singlets
- Printed Tote Bags
- Printed Tee shirts

Check out our part 1 of USA presidential promotional merchandise. We will have a Part 3 look at what other nominees are using for their merchandise offerings in the coming days.

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