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  1. Support the Oceans With Custom Reusable Bottles and Cups

    Eco Cup and Bottle Choices

    Marine pollution is one of the biggest threats facing our oceans today. It's a complex issue that can have devastating consequences for marine life, ecosystems, and human health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, much of the marine pollution we see in our oceans today is the result of human activity which is why we're bringing up the issue today on the Cubic Promote blog.

    Why is Marine Pollution a Big Problem?

    From plastic waste to oil spills, spilled chemical fertilisers to sewage runoff - all human pollutants can lead to some level of destruction in our precious ocean habitats. The most visible form of marine pollution are floating items like disposable plastic drink bottles, bottle caps, or packaging from canned drinks which wind up on beaches and eventually end up polluting our oceans. However, this isn't restricted

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  2. Why You Should Stock Up on Promotional Items During EOFY

    End of Financial Year Promo Items

    At this time of year it’s easy to become a little overwhelmed with all the tasks that are suddenly thrown your way - end of financial reports, tax returns, budgets and forecasting. But whilst its important not to forget these obligations; in amongst it all don't underestimate the importance ordering promotional products during tax time as there are some amazing savings and advantages to be found in this savvy EOFY practice!

    EOFY is Sales Time!

    Pre-purchasing corporate merchandise when you can find significant savings through direct sourcing or bulk buying is a clever move business owners should strongly consider at End Of Financial Year (EOFY). This strategy ensures top quality items that promote brand identity and delivers exceptional value compared to regular market prices if purchased later in the season. Some of the products that are extremely popular to "stock up" on during EOFY include promotional

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  3. APPA's Trends in Promotional Products

    Promo Gifts on Display at APPA

    Today, we are going to talk about my experience attending the annual Sydney Roadshow held by APPA (The Australasian Promotional Products Association). Alongside all of our esteemed peers in the promotional industry, the team from Cubic Promote attended this show to get a first-hand look at what's trending and what new promotional products will be hitting the market over the next few months.


    1. Embrace eco-friendly products.
    2. Explore bespoke solutions for unique branding.
    3. Incorporate digital heat transfers.


    Promotional Product Industry: What's Trending?

    Sustainable Promotional Product Solutions

    One important trend that we noticed at this year's event is that many suppliers are focusing on their eco-friendly

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  4. Personalised Easter Treats Guide

    Easter treats from Cubic Promote

    Easter is almost here and it's time to start thinking about how you're going to celebrate this special time of the year. If you haven't already, consider ordering customised Easter chocolates that will make your recipients feel appreciated and loved.


    1. Delight recipients with customised chocolates.
    2. Stand out with unique Easter treats.
    3. Promote your brand with sweet impressions.


    Enter the land of chocolate this Easter!

    Why Order Custom Easter Chocolates?

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  5. 5 Last Minute Corporate Xmas Gifts that "Sleigh"

    Last Minute Xmas Gifts from Cubic Promote

    If you haven't had time to plan out gifts for co-workers, students, or clients, then you might be feeling a little stressed right about now, but I'm here to tell you that Cubic Promote has a sizable assortment of last-minute promotional gifts that can still make it to you before time runs out.


    Keen to learn more? Let's look at some express gift options your recipients are sure to love this holiday season!


    Custom Branded Cheeseboards

    Our corporate branded cheese boards are a staff favourite when it comes to quality gifts that we can customise quickly for Xmas. Cheeseboards are premium products with a high perceived value

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  6. How to Organise Corporate Christmas Gifts

    Christms Cup, Notebook and Stress Ball

    I hate to be the one to break it to you, but there are only 74 days until Christmas 2022.

    While it is easy to panic when you see how far into October we are, your corporate Christmas gift campaign can still go off without a hitch if you start getting prepared over the next few weeks. Here at Cubic Promote, we recommend that Australian businesses start looking into seasonal staff presents ASAP to beat the rush and ensure speedy delivery for your office Christmas parties and events.

    First Step, Picking Personalised Presents

    According to our clients, picking the personalised presents you intend to give your staff, visitors, and clients is the hardest part of the corporate Christmas gifting process. It makes sense; you generally have diverse tastes to cater to and a budget and time

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  7. New Glowing Products For Year End Parties

    October is the absolute best. I love October, because this is the time where businesses and organizations start organizing year end parties & I love being involved in parties. To help you celebrate we are releasing this month a whole heap of new products. Not just any product though, but items that will (in the words of Pink) "Help you get your party started." Check out our promotional neon glow toys below.


    1. Customise glowing items for personalised experiences.
    2. Strategically distribute items for maximum impact.
    3. Add visual flair to entrances and dance floors.

    Glowing Promotional Items

    Neon Glow Sticks

    Not simply for rave parties, but for any corporate night time event or party. We have a whole range of cool light up products that look amazing. Purchase them

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