Tillamook is a US dairy association in Oregon that is well-known for its milk-based products, including cheese. Its most recent merchandise collection launch has been turning heads because it's a capsule collection with a difference and that difference is, well, it's extremely cheese-oriented custom merchandise!

cheddar range merchandise

Unique Custom Gifts

Tillamook isn't new to the promotional product game (in fact last year they made headlines with tie-dyed cheese-themed custom branded jumpers), but every year they seem to top previous collections by thinking outside the box. Sometimes the key to getting your brand noticed isn't having slogans and logos all over your merchandise, it is by producing unique and memorable swag that people associate with your brand, logo branding or not. We definitely see this in Tillamook's very yellow 2022 Cheddar Collection, which takes cheese-themed goodies to a whole new level.

cheese promo stubby coolers branded cheese bags

Novelty Merchandise to Inspire

Tillamook's unique merchandise focuses on eye-catching cheese-based looks that frankly, we love. They're total novelty items, a tad daggy, but 100% fun and that's ultimately what matters with campaigns like this created specifically to generate buzz. Some of the products in the 2022 limited edition capsule include:

  • Custom Drink Coolers: Tillamook's cheddar-yellow koozies help keep cans or bottles of drink cool, but with a detachable pouch designed to hold their cheese, these are truly special.
  • Promotional Shoulder Bags: Cute little shoulder bags for a night at the club, but make them cheesy (literally, they're the right size to hold and cool cheese slices).
  • Logo Playing Cards: Playing cards with full-colour decoration on the backs, with a cheese theme like everything else in the collection.
  • Party Sweat Pants: They look like ordinary bright yellow slacks, but these pants have special cooler pocket so hold cheese pieces and slices perfectly. Talk about a pants party!

Other items in the range include big yellow cowboy hats, promotional t-shirts, and of course the "Mother Loaf", 18kg blocks of Tillamook cheese available for direct purchase (and the most coveted items each year). These custom items aren't covered in a lot of branding, but their overall look and feel is deeply connected to the Tillamook brand and that's what makes it so successful!

promotional cheese party pants large block of cheese

Customised Clothing for Big Brands

Novelty capsule collections like this one are intended to go viral and become talked about media, even if the goods themselves seem rather absurd. However, fully customised clothing and other gifts made to fulfill marketing merchandise design briefs can be used for all sorts of promotions, not just viral campaigns. If you're interested in drawing attention like the big brands, give the friendly team at Cubic Promote a call today. We aren't responsible for the cheese party pants, but we've worked on dynamic merchandise orders for local businesses and know how to help Aussies attract attention using customised clothing.


Info and images from here: https://shop.tillamook.com/collections/cheddar-collection