As the weather in Sydney has indicated to us this week, we're well and truly in the grips of Autumn. Don't get caught out with your marketing merchandise for the new season; check out our top picks for seasonal promotional products just in time for the cool change!

Why Use Promotional Products in Autumn?

Promotional products are a great way to get people talking about your business this autumn. By handing out merchandise like flasks, beanies, and hand sanitiser with relevant logos, it's likely customers will come back for more in future, creating brand loyalty and recognition. They also make great souvenirs from seasonal events that leave users reminded of the experience even after the fact. The benefit of branded apparel is key too - what better way to have folks walking around showing off customised materials carrying positive messages all year round? Promotions can help drive sales through attractive discounts or build relationships by having giveaways at trade shows - both highly effective strategies if executed correctly! Whether you're looking to get people talking or greater visibility in general, promotional items should top your list – so don't wait any longer and check out our top picks for this year's cooler months today!

Personalised Vacuum Flasks

branded vacuum flask

From around March until September, our range of Personalised Metal Bottles inclusive of our range of vacuum flasks, receives a boost in popularity, and it's not hard to see why. Vacuum bottles and flasks keep heat in longer and their double walling means they remain comfortable to handle no matter how toasty warm your soup or coffee inside is! These logo-branded items make excellent gifts, and their large decoration area is ideal for advertising an event or campaign in the cooler months. These promotional flasks are popular with outdoor events, community groups, and offices keen on providing staff gifts that will find regular use around the home.

Logo Branded Two-Tone Beanies

Now that the air is getting that chilly edge it's time to set aside your caps and instead reach for promotional beanies, specifically our Logo Branded Two-Tone Beanies! These pieces of headwear are smooth and close-fitting, perfect for keeping the warmth in and the cool out! We've been selling a lot of these beanies to tradies, government departments, and sports clubs because they're so colourful and easy to wear. Once they're branded with your logo, you'll be amazed at how good they look!

Promotional Hand Sanitisers

custom hand sanitisers

Don't get struck down with a cold or flu bug this Autumn! Our Promotional Hand Sanitisers are cheap gifts that allow your recipients to keep their hands clean and free from germs. While these products are quite popular with hospitals, doctors, health industry groups, and schools throughout the year around Autumn, they hit their stride as other industries try to avoid the dreaded flu season. Each hand sanitiser comes custom printed with your logo too so you can boost brand visibility while you're at it.

Are you feeling inspired yet? If you need any other wholesale corporate gift ideas, please contact our sales team, and they'll put together tailored pricing and information on whichever products you need before winter!