End of Financial Year Promo Items

At this time of year it’s easy to become a little overwhelmed with all the tasks that are suddenly thrown your way - end of financial reports, tax returns, budgets and forecasting. But whilst its important not to forget these obligations; in amongst it all don't underestimate the importance ordering promotional products during tax time as there are some amazing savings and advantages to be found in this savvy EOFY practice!

EOFY is Sales Time!

Pre-purchasing corporate merchandise when you can find significant savings through direct sourcing or bulk buying is a clever move business owners should strongly consider at End Of Financial Year (EOFY). This strategy ensures top quality items that promote brand identity and delivers exceptional value compared to regular market prices if purchased later in the season. Some of the products that are extremely popular to "stock up" on during EOFY include promotional journal notebooks for offices and personalised gift items like custom branded cheeseboards or engraved Parker pens that sit aside nicely for seasonal gifting.

Promotional Products for EOFY

Enjoy The Best Lead Times

While some promotional product orders can arrive within days, if you're after something like fully sublimated sports uniforms or branded furniature there may be longer lead times. By ordering these items in April/May you leave plenty of time for them to arrive ahead of schedule while also utilising your 2022-2023 budget, rather than your 2023-2024 budget! EOFY for suppliers is when we start stocking up on items for later in the year like branded diaries or promotional Christmas gifts, so many items that are suitable for earlier in the year are competitively priced to clear before the Australian winter rolls aroind.


Pre-purchasing promotional products before June 30th can help spread budget allotment across a financial year and capitalise the amount available potentially increasing your buying power during one of the busiest shopping periods where prices tend increase shortly afterJuly 1st follows - thus realising immediate cost savings & securing lead times.

Enhance Your Customers' Experience

Branded merchandise brings extra value to a customer experience by making the consumer feel valued, which is why selecting promotional giveaway items for distribution throughout the year is so important during tax time. This allows your organisation to continue supplying a consistent array of gifts without fear of running out or needing to reorder urgently, plus by ordering in bulk over tax season you can generally afford more product which undoubtedly a plus for most consumers!


Another way promotional materials can enhance your customers' experience is when you outfit your staff in quality custom uniforms. Aside from broadening your marketing reach, logo decorated polo shirts , caps etc. can provide a necessary uniformity by allowing your team to look visually cohesive and thus approachable by other staff members and visitors to your worksite alike. Team members that wear uniforms will also appreciate fresh enhancements to their daily outfits, particularly when you opt for the higher quality attire while it's even more affordable over EOFY!

Custom Uniform for EOFY

Tax Time Promotional Product Best-Sellers

Through careful selection of popular items like branded notebooks (everyday office essentials), corporate Parker pens (the ultimate business gifts), and logo adorned clothing pieces, you can equip your team not just for marketing campaigns but for everyday clothing needs and even gifts that can be put aside until Christmas. By doing this now you avoid the risk of stock being sold out or slow to be delivered during the sales peak late in the year.

During Christmas shopping season, for example, example fulfilling a particular promo item order may be impacted by demand-caused shortages or shipping delays from overseas. However, you won't be impacted by any of this because all your goodies, from everyday items to personalised gifts, will already be branded and stored for easy access!

Get Started Today

So even though end of financial year brings it's own flurry of responsibilities don't forget about all the potential advantages available through pre-purchasing marketing merchandise & staff uniforms this financial year. You can leverage generous deals, avoid future delays, and get ahead of responsibilities by settling your promotional product orders now! So don’t overlook the opportunity to stock up on your promo swag and make an EOFY impact by getting in touch with the Cubic Promote team today!