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Woolworths Sticky Post-it® Innovation

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Can sticky notes transform the way an almost 100 year old business operates? You bet you can. Woolworths has spent the last two years, creating an office hub that brings together a bunch of digital and traditional marketing teams along with the goal of creating innovation. What is its secret weapon of choice? The humble Post-it® note.

Sticky Notes are a Driver of Technology

So what is so innovative and fresh about some bits of paper with some glue on one side? Not much really, unless you consider that sticky notes enables idea generation fast.

Speed is everything in technology, and there is is no quicker way to write down thoughts and ideas than using a sticky note.

With a sticky note, there is no need to turn on, access apps or worry about battery life. You simply write.

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Other Advantages

Other advantages of sticky notes are that they are immediately sharable. You do not need to worry about operating systems, compatibility or platforms. If you have an idea, and you write it on a sticky Post-it® note, then everyone can see what you are thinking about and contribute as needed.

Sometimes traditional mediums function better than modern new formats. The use of promotional post it sticky notes to drive digital technology is something to be admired.

Woolworths Current Situation

At Woolworths, online sales only account for 3.7% of all purchases. Despite this small number, the uptake is gaining speed though, as the growth is increasing at 25% per year. Using sticky notes to create new supply chains, processes and marketing options is a crucial strategy for Woolworths.

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