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Portable smartphones and tablets mean that an increasing number of people require more than one set of headphones or earbuds to get through their daily commute and downtime at home. Promotional Bluetooth speakers are also enjoying a boom in popularity as they allow convenient listening wherever they're taken. Invest in these smart promotional electronic gifts by ordering bulk phone accessories with your custom logo graphics branded on them. Your recipients will adore these cute little devices, and your branding will get years of exposure.

Custom Branded Packaging for Speakers and Headsets

All the products in this category include a paper gift box. Some gift boxes are sturdier than others. When you ask for a quote, please mention gift boxing, and we can present you with some options that are available with your style of product that you like. Especially handy if you intend to on sell headphones with your branding or if you wish to use them as part of your product mix for fundraising events.

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Custom Branded Earphone and Headphones With Quality Sensitivity

We design our entire range of headphones and earphones with a sensitivity level measured at between 80 and 125 dB/SPL. What these numbers mean is that they are sensitive enough to be used with Smartphone and Tablet Devices to achieve good volume levels similar to most common pairs that you will purchase through retail. You can be assured of compatibility with your device with our range of earphones and headphones.

Earphones & Headphones for Fund Raising

For fund raising product ideas we love to recommend Earphones and Headphones. With the right packaging and the correct branding, the perceived price of headphones can be very high. These headphones will invite positive feelings towards your charity or community organisation. A great example would be the Beats range of headphones. They look amazing which explains a lot about their popularity. Aesthetics mean a big deal when it comes to earphones and also Audio speakers.

Android and IOS In-Line Compatible Remote Controls for Custom Made Earphones

Our headphones will work with all Phone and Mp3 Devices. We can also deliver you earphones that have an in-line remote control allowing you to have quick access to functions to control your smartphone device. Ask us for more information on this option.

Promotional Powered Amplified Speakers

All our electronic audio speakers come with a standard 3.5mm Audio Jack - the same plug that that comes with all pairs of earphones on the standard makes of Tablets and Smartphone devices. Except where otherwise indicated, our speakers feature internal amplification and sound much bigger than their physical size may otherwise indicate. We supply batteries with all the units, and they are gift boxed, making them the perfection corporate gift regardless of your industry.

Buy in Bulk as a Perfect Gift for Students - Orientation Days | Memento Gifts | Milestone Gifts

Children, kids and students will absolutely love our range of portable speakers as promotional item gifts.

Bluetooth Connected Audio Speakers as Marketing Gifts

Bluetooth connectivity allows speakers to be connected to compatible devices wirelessly. While not as popular as non-Bluetooth devices (due mainly to price as they typically have more expensive components and sockets which add $5-$10 to the price) they are nonetheless extremely appealing as they can double up as hands-free devices. All our speakers can be custom made for you to include Bluetooth connectivity. Simply select the desired model that you like and let us know and we can provide pricing for you to include Bluetooth connectivity.

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