Customise Kids Hoodies For Sports Teams

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Personalising custom kids hoodies for school sports teams can be a fun and effective way to promote team spirit and unity. In today's competitive world of school sports, fostering team spirit and unity is essential for success. One proven way to achieve this is through the use of promotional hoodies, which not only bolster pride among teammates but also create a sense of belonging. In this article, we will explore a case study where a prestigious school partnered with Cubic Promote to design promotional hoodies that elevated their sports teams' camaraderie and morale. Discover how promotional hoodies can make a significant impact on your school's sports teams and overall spirit.

  • Personalise custom kids hoodies by selecting team colours, designing a logo, and incorporating the team name and mascot.
  • Add player names and numbers, and choose a suitable printing or embroidery method for your design.
  • Consult with a professional custom apparel company to ensure high-quality results and place your order.

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The Process:

Here are some steps to guide you through the process.

  • Choose the right hoodie style and size: Select a hoodie style that is comfortable, durable, and suitable for kids of all ages. Ensure that you have a range of sizes available to accommodate all team members.
  • Select team colours: Use your school or team's colours as the primary colour for the hoodies. This will make it easier to identify your team during events and create a sense of unity among the players.
  • Design a team logo: If your team doesn't already have a logo, create one that represents your school sports team's identity. Make sure the logo is simple, easy to recognise, and visually appealing.
  • Incorporate team name and mascot: Include your team's name and mascot on the hoodie design. You can place these elements on the front, back, or sleeves of the hoodie, depending on your preference.
  • Add player names and numbers: Personalise each hoodie by adding the player's name and number. This can be done using embroidery, screen printing, or heat transfer methods. Typically, names are placed on the back of the hoodie, while numbers can be added to the sleeves or the back as well.
  • Choose a printing or embroidery method: Decide whether you want to use screen printing, embroidery, or heat transfer to apply your design to the hoodies. Each method has its benefits and drawbacks, so consider factors like cost, durability, and the intricacy of your design when making this decision.
  • Consult with a professional: Work with a reputable custom apparel company that specialises in creating personalised hoodies for sports teams. They can offer guidance on design choices, printing methods, and provide high-quality results.
  • Place your order: Once everything is finalised, place your order with the custom apparel company. Make sure to double-check all details, including sizes, colours, and design elements, before submitting your order.

School Spirit Boost

A prestigious school sought to elevate their sports teams' sense of camaraderie and pride by creating custom hoodies with the help of Cubic Promote. After selecting the perfect hoodie style and colours, the school collaborated with Cubic Promote's skilled design team to incorporate their mascot, team name, and individual player names and numbers. The result was a visually striking and comfortable set of personalised hoodies that captured the essence of the school's spirit. As students proudly wore their new hoodies, both on and off the field, the school witnessed an increase in team unity, sportsmanship, and overall morale, proving the power of promotional hoodies in fostering a strong sense of belonging.


By following these steps, you'll create promotional apparel that your school sports team will be proud to wear, fostering team spirit and unity while also making a stylish statement.

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