Brand Profile: Nike

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Find a comprehensive list of Nike's promotional merchandise custom branded with your unique design or company logo. Nike is known for offering a range of high-quality athletic footwear, apparel and recreational products for men, women, and kids. If it's from Nike, it's made to last, whether it's  shoes, apparel, accessories, or promotional sports items! Some famous products under Nike's brand are Nike Golf, Air Jordan, Nike Pro, Air Force 1, Nike+, Nike Dunk, Nike Blazers, Nike CR7, Air Max, Nike Skateboarding, and Foamposite.

Nike White Club Fleece Crew, Black Dri-fit Visor, Navy Legend Tees

Best Features of Nike

With years of experience providing innovation to every athlete, Nike has become a part of every athletic success. Nike keeps athletes at the centre of every product they do. Considering the intense physical activities that every athlete needs to endure, they need to have durable gears that can help them achieve their best. Customised Nike products are known for their quality and durability. They are also considered stylish, offering good value for money.

Nike is a household name around the world. Founded in 1964, they have consistently been pushing boundaries with their design and technology to create products that keep athletes of all shapes and sizes performing at their peak.

Nike's vast range of innovative products across every discipline make it a favourite among athletes and sports enthusiasts across the globe. Nike has designed goods as varied as basketball shoes and running gear, to winter jackets and yoga mats. Their quality is second-to-none when it comes to materials, comfort and design.

Innovative Design & Technology

Nike is constantly innovating new features into their products to give athletes an edge on their performance. With endless research on improving flexibility, cushioning and enhanced traction for different sports activities, Nike has become a pioneer in sports apparel technology. Not only does this set them apart from others in the market but it also highlights why Nike continues to be one of the leading brands out there today.

A Wealth of Color & Style Options

Nike offers a wealth of options when it comes to colorways and patterns for each product type so you can find something that fits your style no matter who you are or what sport you play! Whether you're looking for performance wear or casual street wear, there are fashionable options to choose from; something for everyone!

Fuelling Community through Partnerships

By partnering up with famous faces like LeBron James and Serena Williams, Nike seeks to inspire people around the world through stories of success through passion and ambition. They want people to feel inspired by these tales while being empowered by the lifestyle they represent - often achieved by conjuring up powerful images through promotional campaigns such as "Just Do It".

These partnerships win loyalty not just because of star power but because of how they use influential figures to promote acts of greatness?successfully inspiring generations long after they featuring campaign ends.

Quality You Can Count On

Would you expect anything less than top tier quality from such a brand? With durability still paramountm, Nike has proven time and time again that its gear stands up against even the toughest conditions across outdoor practice sessions or weekend adventures alike! Comfort is another main priority - carefully crafted materials ensure flexible movement with minimal irritation over extended periods in order for users to focus more on reaching their goal whatever that may be!

What Cubic Promote Can Do

For over 16 years, Cubic Promote has provided Australian businesses with high-quality, reasonably priced, and fully-customisable promotional items. To provide Australians with the best shoes, clothing, and athletic accessories, we've partnered with Nike, one of the world's leading sports brands.

While Nike supplies the goods themselves, our expert branding team handles the branding, using the most effective decoration procedures to make your logo stand out. Among the branding methods we use on our promotional products are pad printing, embossing, embroidery, laser engraving, digital printing, transfer printing, and screen printing.

Get customised shoes, clothes, and sports accessories from Nike at a competitive price through Cubic Promote. If you are interested in our custom-branded Nike products, you can message us at or call us at 1300 858 288. Our friendly sales team is ready to assist you!

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