What Promotional Products Suit Baby Boomers?

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Born between the 1940's and mid-1960's, baby boomers are some of the wealthiest and most active members of Australian society. Boomers have high expectations of the products they use, and while they're getting on in age, they're keen to embrace new technologies. This means the range of promotional products supplied by Cubic Promote is perfect for logo branding and gifting to your baby boomer clients and peers.

Phone and Powerbank on a blanket

Marketing Merchandise Tips for a Boomer Audience

Sometimes it helps to get a general idea of what a target demographic might enjoy. Based on our extensive industry experience we recommend the following tips and tricks for appealing to your boomer client or peer base.

  • Boomers might be older but they love using smartphones and social media, so don't be afraid to offer logo-emblazoned tech devices or accessories.

  • The boomer generation is at a later stage in life when they can travel and enjoy the good things, so useful touring accessories or premium outdoor products like promotional picnic blankets make excellent gifts.

  • Products that make everyday activities easier are great for all generations, but boomers, in particular, enjoy using items like bags that are straightforward, simple, and stylish.

Promotional Products Baby Boomers Will Love

Here are some of the most popular products we logo brand and deliver to companies, organisations, and events that cater to the boomer generation.

promotional pop phone holder

Custom Grippers for Smartphones

As smartphones get larger and more interactive, it becomes increasingly challenging to grapple with them. That's why we've found that pop grippers, customised devices that come logo branded and affix to the back of your smartphone, make wonderful cost-effective gifts for boomer-focused expos or events. They help you hold onto your phone will texting or browsing the web, and they stick onto almost any device on the market. Best of all they boast a huge branding area we can print your logo on, making them ideal for any marketing campaign.

promotional travel mugs

Personalised Travel Mugs

Baby boomers are a generation on the go, even as they edge into retirement. We've sold a lot of thermal mugs to boomer-focused organisations as they're daily use items that can go with a boomer recipient as they travel across the country or simply to the shops down the road. As with other products in the Cubic Promote range, these travel mugs are easy to brand with a decent print area and the option to decorate using laser engraving instead for a more refined look. Boomers love their tea and coffee so let them see your brand every time they grab a cuppa, no matter where they are!

promotional travel mugs

Luxury Corporate Pens

When looking to distribute a corporate gift or reward to a baby boomer, you can't beat an elegantly boxed luxury pen such as an authentic Parker model. Cubic Promote sells these with a custom logo or name engraving making them a gift that will last a lifetime. Baby boomers are one of the few generations keen on letter-writing and having comfortable, refined pens in an office environment. Appeal to your boomer recipients by gifting them a Luxury Corporate Parker Pen that they

Need More Advice?

It's OK if none of our suggestions jumped out at you, our friendly sales team are always ready with suggestions and bulk pricing to suit any needs. Contact our sales staff today for more baby boomer merchandise ideas.

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Yoshe is a Cubic Promote’s content manager and she has worked with promotional products for almost a decade. Yoshe is full of great product ideas, she knows what's new on the market and how to use promotional products to boost your brand visibility. Visit her on LinkedIn.

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