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There are times when holding an event to raise awareness is not required or there is insufficient backing to support a full-scale organised event.  However, a message may still need to be made to either the community or a select few. There are many ways to convey awareness, they may range from placing an ad in a newspaper or radio, sticking flyers on billboards and community notice boards, and leaving pamphlets inside or outside cafes or shops. All these options are a good means of raising awareness, some will cost more than others. At Cubic Promote, we can offer another solution to of raising awareness. Using promotional items, we can assist in sending the message across to your target audience with a physical product.

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Large scale vs Small Scale Audience

For messages that need to be conveyed to a large audience. You would need to consider how that message will be spread across. Handing out promotional pens to a passerby when you need to spread the word to the entire nation is not going to be practical. However, a post-it note in the next weekend’s Sydney Morning Herald displaying the offer or message will spread a lot further.
As a large-scale distribution, you’d think the cost would rocket through the sky. Yes, it will cost more than a small distribution, but the flip side is that you will benefit on a lower cost per unit. This will mean greater economies of scales.
Raising awareness to a small targeted group of people allows the option of being more personal. Handing out a giveaway or even a leaflet with the conveyed message adds a personal touch and will entice the passerby to look up and notice you and collect what you have to offer. If you are going down the passage of handing out branded products, remember to wear apparel that meets the message to be conveyed, or to dress in similar attire as your colleague who is part of your team.

Common examples of raising awareness of situations and product suggestions:

  • New Health And Safety Policy in an office or government initiative; hard hat keyrings, post-it notes with a pre-done checklist or messages, USB Flash Drives preloaded with the new policy or changes.
  • Company redefines its goals and objectives. – Stress Cubes branded on all 6 sides, Printed Calenders or mouse mats with new objectives and targets.
  • Upcoming community musical event - printed flyers, printed t-shirts for merchandise reselling, button badges.
  • Opening of new medical centre – pens, promotional keyrings, magnets, promotional mints.

raising awareness with promo items


Promotional products have long been an essential tool for raising awareness and generating support for various causes. These tangible items not only capture the attention of your target audience but also leave a lasting impression that fosters meaningful connections.

Furthermore, it plays a pivotal role in raising awareness for various causes. By skillfully harnessing the power of these items to amplify your message, build emotional connections, enhance credibility, encourage social sharing, and engage influencers, you can significantly elevate your awareness campaign's impact. Embrace the potential of promotional products and witness the transformative effect they can have on your cause's success.

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